Every day a baby rhino is in danger of being orphaned.

Race Against Time - Be the voice for those who can not be heard
Race Against Time - Be the voice for those who can not be heard

Shared Universe Foundation is raising awareness and funds to build a Rhino orphanage at Mapesu Private Game Reserve near Mussina. By taking on a epic challenge, breaking the world record, travelling by road from Cape Town to London, we will create more awareness of the plight of our rhino and raise funds. Race Against Time, will be 3 men driving day and night through 2 continents, 17 countries and 30 000km, obeying the rules of the road along the way, in order to get to London in under 10 days 13 hours and 28 minutes.  

Right about now you are thinking our calculations are not very good as in 30 000km, however it is correct, as they plan on breaking their new world record on a return trip - London to Cape Town.

Shared Universe Foundation and the Race Against Time team will also be hosting a Rhino Orphanage Fundraising Dinner and Auction on 29 August. Neels VD Berg a well-known specialist in blade making has custom made 100 exclusive knives for our dinner. These knives will have our Race Against Time logo and come with a leather sheath. There will be the auctioning of these exclusive knives, wine and paintings on the night. With an epic journey and an awesome fundraising dinner ahead, this event hopes to raise the funds required to build our orphanage. This is a team that is passionate about ensuring that future generations will have the opportunity to see these majestic animals in the wild, and not just a picture in a book.

For more information on the foundation - SharedUniverseAfrica.com

For more information on the race - RaceAgainstTime.net

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