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Yearly we produce a lot of plastic, last year 311 million tonne. But less than 10% of this plastic gets recycled. Most of this will end up in the wrong place, landfills, oceans, inside animals. It’s damaging our earth. The big plastic industry prefers to work with new plastic. Recycled plastic might slow down production or damage their machines. And people haven’t got the machines to start themselves.


Precious Plastic has developed machines that enable people to start recycling plastic. The machines are specifically developed using universal materials and basic tools that are available all over the world. The blueprints, a series of detailed instruction videos and the download-kit are shared open source online This is all the basic information people need to build their own machines and start a little plastic factory, anywhere in the world. And set up small scale productions to create valuable things, like a craftsman of plastic. They can make products, raw material, set up a production, clean up their neighborhood, and start their own business.


We share all all the information for people to start their own little plastic factory online, for free. But in order for this to have an impact we need to make sure people actually know this information exists. We need help to spread it around the globe, let people know they can now start to work with plastic. Once the information is spread, the recycling begins!


We aim to boost plastic recycling all over the world, by providing people the tools and knowledge to get started.

Additional info

● This is the second version of these machines, Version 1 was released in June 2013
● All the information to get started is shared online, for free.
● You can turn plastic waste into valuable things
● It enables people to start their own business.
● The machines are DIY
● The machines can be used to make raw material, like 3D printer filament.
● Last year we produced 311.000.000.000 KG Plastic
● Less than 10% of the plastic we produce gets recycled


Precious Plastic is started by Dave Hakkens, a 27 year old designer from the Netherlands. He is best known for his modular phone project, Phonebloks. He likes to work on global problems and looks for scalable solutions together with people from all over the world. Oh, he also likes to make videos!

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