Take a look inside the Deutsche Börse Group - image courtesy of the Deutsche Börse Group -  Main left: Lara Atkinson. Top row from left:  Christian Hoops, Ryan Finn, Lin Xu. Bottom row from left: Markus Stoker, Mélanie Moos, Peeyush Arora. Main right: Agathe Glatz.

Take a look inside the Deutsche Börse Group - image courtesy of the Deutsche Börse Group -  Main left: Lara Atkinson. Top row from left:  Christian Hoops, Ryan Finn, Lin Xu. Bottom row from left: Markus Stoker, Mélanie Moos, Peeyush Arora. Main right: Agathe Glatz.

Highlights of individual experiences of working at one of the world's leading stock exchanges!

Lara Atkinson

When Lara Atkinson started as a student assistant in the Deutsche Börse Media Relations Team, she used to write posts like this one. Now, she works as PR & Content Manager for STOXX Ltd, our index provider based in Zurich. Through her work, Lara is travelling a lot and is connected to colleagues all over the world. In doing so, she likes to check twice which time zone her counterpart is in. Among ther things, she loves the immediate visibility of success in her work, e.g. when an interview or article is published. “Deutsche Börse has become a piece of home,” says Lara. “Here I have developed my skills and met many great people.”

Mélanie Moos

Mélanie Moos is on the fast track. She took over at the helm of Clearstream’s Lending Operations in Luxemburg at the age of 25. “My age was not a problem. I was able to adapt quickly because I joined a well-structured and motivated team,” says Mélanie. Together with her colleagues she manages securities lending and collateral management for the international central securities depository (ICSD) of Deutsche Börse Group. “For us no one day is like another.” Besides her work Mélanie really likes sports. She used to play Basketball in Belgium’s second division and has finished marathons.

Agathe Glatz

Variety and new challenges – two important factors for Agathe Glatz. Three years ago she started as a student assistant in the Relationship Management of our subsidiary Clearstream and even spent four month in England during that time. After her bachelor’s degree she is now supporting our German customers in the same department. “I really like the range of possibilities offered at Deutsche Börse. With all the widespread tasks and departments, everyone can find something interesting and it never gets boring,” she says.

 Emma-Louise Fletcher: tackling wildlife challenges

 Emma-Louise Fletcher: tackling wildlife challenges

"We are all dependent on the natural world for survival so exploring how to live more sustainably, even by making small changes; could result in you making an impact by influencing others." - Emma-Louise Fletcher.

Based at Queen's University Belfast in Northern Ireland, PhD student Emma-Louise Fletcher is tackling wildlife challenges head on with a thesis focussed on environmental security.

Environmental conservation is such an important sector, one which is perhaps not as highlighted as a mainstream career path, how did you enter into this field of research? Before I decided to apply for a PhD, I had worked at several jobs. Every individual is motivated differently, and I realised that I was waking up every day to invest so much time into a job for which I had no motivation for.

I left my job, and brainstormed; asking what I was passionate about and I came to an obvious conclusion, the environment! I had been following anti-poaching campaigns on social media and the news, reading up on charity and conservation work in Africa. I realised that poaching was a colossal problem that involved more than just wildlife conservation. This subject (poaching) became a gradual fascination as I began to question why there were no changes being made to protect wildlife and integrate local communities more intensively.

Terese Alstin founder of NO SIR

"...it is all about prioritizing your resources and making smart choices." - Terese Alstin founder of NO-SIR

Recognised globally as a design pioneer,  Malmö based Terese Alstin is pushing forward a new dynamic in the design industry, with her latest venture NO-SIR.

Tell us more about why you studied Industrial Design and how your career developed from this field of study? I studied Industrial Design because it is a very creative profession, focused on problem solving and making life better. 

In the final year of my studies I did a joint master's thesis with Anna Haupt, where we developed the concept of an airbag for cyclists called Hövding. This became our full time commitment, spending the following ten years developing a product that most people thought was impossible, raising +150 million EUR in venture capital and building a successful company.

Last winter we both decided to leave the company and I decided to start a new venture. Something that really motivates me, allowing me to keep growing, make decisions and provide the freedom to speak my mind.

Explain the idea behind NO-SIR and what are your future plans with the project? NO-SIR is a commercial platform and design brand showcasing “Kickass” Female Designers in the field of interior design.

NO SIR is my contribution to provide more equality and diversity in the design business.

Patrick Beraud

"...one simple advice for starting any business, settle in for the long haul." - Patrick Beraud founder of Bemoir.

From Accra, to London and Melbourne - Patrick Beraud is taking a different approach to media, memories and real life with the digital platform Bemoir.

Tell us about your career path and how did Bemoir develop? I started in Accra (Ghana) repairing computers, it was around the time of MS-DOS and the name Bill Gates was very much the person leading the pack. I then moved to network engineering, racking up various certificates from Cisco and Microsoft. That base became the catalyst for my landing an exciting job with a company called Computer Information Systems. Overnight I was a Workshop Manager leading over 20 computer technicians and solution architects in the largest Technology Transformation in the West African Region. I learned a lot from that experience, in fact my career genetic make-up is from that experience.

In 2005, after having led many career changing projects in West Africa, I headed to Australia and then in 2011 I moved to London to complete an Executive MBA. I graduated in 2014 and my main business project was featured on the "Internet of Things predicted to add over $14 trillion to the global economy over the next ten years", resulting in the development of Bemoir.

Bemoir has been a roller-coaster journey, more exciting and life changing than anything else I have experienced in the past. We started in London, before I moved it to Melbourne where my family is based, lost the whole team during the migration, then rebuilt the team again from scratch in Melbourne.

Ranina Strohmer

"...the first thing to think about if you want to build up a business is that you need to invest time and money" - Ranina Strohmer.

Born In Madrid and raised in Munich with a South African, Indian and Bavarian background. Ranina Strohmer founder of Ranina-Shop.de provides worldly insight into balancing life as a parent, running a business and being creative.

Tell us about your career as a designer and why did you start your own business? After my A levels I successfully completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter. I then changed my education focus, as I wanted to study architecture, but I found more suitable options for studying in London, these were not as technical or static as studying architecture. With this I completed a one year foundation course including graphic design/fine arts/product design/textiles and after which I went on to study graphic design within a three year BA(Hons) degree.

Following this I moved back to Munich and worked in several advertising agencies to gather experience and knowledge. After several years I wanted more independence and room for my own creativity. So I started working as a freelance graphic designer for agencies, companies and smaller clients. My work had become a business of it's own and was very successful, then my daughter was born.

I had to rethink my situation and find something I could do using the short time frames I had within organizing my new family life. I wanted to do something useful, and fun at the same time. I taught myself how to sew and started to make clothes for my daughter but this wasn’t professional enough for me. So I created the concept of an online shop for kids clothing from small but professional and independent labels.