What does your job entail and how did it all come about?
I work in the marketing and publicity department at Penguin Books.  As the deputy marketing manager, I am responsible for planning and implementing marketing campaigns. I fell in love with books from an early age and was lucky enough to combine my passion for marketing with my love for reading when I first joined Penguin Books as a marketing assistant.  

We live in an electronic age, what is it like being surrounded by books all day, when information is only a click away?
The electronic age intimidates me! Every day there seems to be a new gadget launched. Therefore, I find being surrounded by books on a daily basis very comforting as they are the one thing that hasn’t changed over the past few hundred years.
What’s an average day at work like, (yes and coffee breaks can be included)?
Coffee breaks? Ha ha! I wish I could take a coffee break once in a while. Publishing is an extremely fast paced industry to work in. If you cannot juggle at least 20 balls at the same time then don’t even think of applying for a job in the marketing department at Penguin Books. That’s why I love my job so much, I am never bored and there is always something to do. A typical day involves chatting to an author, finalising an ad campaign, meeting with the press, attending a launch, the list goes on…
Quick questions:
Best part of your job? (no, coffee breaks cannot be included!)
Meeting amazing, inspiring authors and having to read books– what a pleasure!
Worst part of your job?
Having to juggle those 20 balls every second of the day!
Funniest moment of your career?
Driving John van der Ruit, the bestselling author of Spud and the soon to be released Spud – The Madness Continues…, to interviews. He is as funny in real life as the hilarious characters in his books.
Highlighted moment of your career?
There have been so many highlights in my career. I feel very privileged to have shared a meal with authors such as Lesley Pearse, Christopher Hope, Zakes Mda and John van der Ruit to name a few. (FirstStep says: Nice one!)
If you weren’t doing what you do, what would you be doing?
I’d be a make-up artist, my other passion!
Your message for young South Africans:
Work as though you are in the position you one day want to be in, not the position you are currently in. I started off my career at Penguin Books as a marketing assistant and now after two promotions, I am the deputy marketing manager. I worked extremely hard and gave it my all in my position as a marketing assistant and it paid off!