Craig Whitfield

It’s not everyday you get to meet someone who bridges the gap between Nature and Technology. We found a South African who works as a computer programmer and moonlights as a rock climber! Bringing a true balance to everyday living!

Current job status and what it entails:  
Computer Programmer.  I sit in front of a pc all day staring at a 19” monitor, trying to make sense of hundreds (yeah I know, should probably be more) lines of code.  Then at the end of that day, surprisingly the application just miraculously works. (FirstStep says: no, he is not a magician…)  
Where did you qualify and tell us about your degree as well as your experience at university:  
University Of Witwatersrand, BSc Computer Science
Why did you study your degree, what drew you to it:  
“Cos I could” (FirstStep says: that’s what we like to hear!!)
Best moment/’s of your life so far:  
Pummelling off a grade 22 climb at Bronkhorstpruit earlier this year. (FirstStep: we don’t know what that means either…?!). Oh yeah, Getting my degree was good as well! (FirstStep: Two Thumbs Up!!)
Biggest Challenge/’s:  
Three Blind Mice (Waterval Boven) My mate lied to me and told me it was a 19... turned out to be a 21 (FirstStep: if you didn’t understand that, well to put it in an easy way its all rock climbing lingo!). And I guess keeping up the learning curve work wise!
Where do you envisage yourself in the progress and future of South Africa:  
Being able to give back to the community when the opportunities arise.  
Your Favourites:
1. City: The Bush (FirstStep: not a city but we will let this one slide)
2. Part of your job:  Sleeping
3. Food:    Mince Mate (Tika Chicken Pizza: If I’m in Joburg)
4. What would you be if you weren’t a …..:  Living a very outdoors lifestyle.  Lots of hiking.  Maybe trying to live in the Drakensburg.  
Your message for South Africa’s youth:
Try everything once... And if it doesn’t kill you. Then do the next thing!!