Sasha Martinengo

We speak to 5FM's Sasha Martinengo, about life and being a DJ.
1. You must get this a lot, but we have to start with the cliché, why become a Radio DJ? Was it an ambition or did you just stumble upon it as a career?
I heard there were lots of hot babes in the music business. Actually it was an ambition and I always wanted to do it.
2. If you could draw or design a map of how best to become a Radio DJ what would your version look like?
Born, Adult, Love for Music, can speak to people and have Passion !!!!!!!!

3. 5FM has quite a reputation, was it easy to fit in and adjust to a Radio station that has such a huge following in South Africa?
I have a reputation. They fit in with me. I’m Chuck Norris.
4. Lets not beat about the bush your career rocks! Most people would really like to be a Radio DJ, is the industry competitive and how do you stay ahead of the competition?  
Very Competitive but I am Chuck Norris !!!!
5. Besides being a DJ, what other jobs have you done or careers you have considered?
F1 Driver (Not achieved)
European Kick Boxing Champion (achieved, see answer to question 4)
F1 TV presenter (achieved)
Multi-billionaire (not achieved, hahahaha)
6. Hardest challenge of your job?
Keeping it real and fun everyday.
7. Most DJ's are not just subjected to radio anymore, other media avenues are allowing DJ's to venture away from the microphone. Do you believe that is a good thing or do you feel that it destroys the whole concept of a quintessential Radio DJ?
Radio should be any DJ’s first passion.  In my opinion there are too many DJ’s currently who are in the job for the publicity and not the passion of actual radio !!!!
8. What advice would you give an aspiring Radio DJ?  
Have passion, do it for the right reason.
Favourite city: Florence
Favourite part of your job: Doing my show everyday
Favourite Food: Italian  
Favourite working moments: Doing my show with Ian is a rip everyday
Message to young South Africans: Build a bridge and get over it !