Dominic Goliath

This sales executive and model is not just an ordinary corporate executive he is South Africa’s number one Pro Beach Volleyball Player. Born in Cape Town, Dominic Goliath moved to Johannesburg in order to pursue the Big Money.
Dominic became involved in volleyball at 15 years old making the Senior Western Province Indoor side at the same age. Soon after (at the age of 17) Dominic ventured into Beach Volleyball and was hooked for life!

Dominic has proven that in a Rugby, Cricket and Soccer dominated country that there are ways in which to make it big in a relatively small South African Sport. Seeded 24th in the world in his last international event Dominic has ambitions of representing South Africa at the next Olympic Games.
With the number of Beach Volleyball tournaments that are ongoing around the world, Dominic faces the major issue of getting a sponsor to help aid his Olympic Ambition. It’s a problematic issue as South Africa is dominated by its big three sports. Dominic hopes that big corporate's will see the potential in Beach Volley and invest in uplifting the sport to the level that South Africa is renowned for worldwide.
With a positive frame of mind and good training programme, Dominic hopes to capitalise on his current number one ranking and leap into the world arena with a big bang!
Dominic’s Favourites:
Food: pasta/lasagne
Country: South Africa
City: Cape Town
What would you be if you weren’t a pro beach volleyball player: A social beach volleyball player.
Your message for South Africa:
“If there is a sport you are determined at, keep trying!”