Stephan Potgieter

From a young age this 23 year old has had a strong attraction to the media and the manner in which it was sustained in South Africa. So after studying a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Production Management, this Joburg lad entered the hectic world of radio. Becoming the University Of Johannesburg’s station manager for their onsite campus radio which is known as UJFM.

From small beginnings UJFM has grown in stature and currently has a strong following. With a staff of around 120 people Stephan has managed to build a station that has the ability of major growth.
Stephan’s major boost is the energy that is brought about via the student involvement in the station. The key behind such a cool organisation is that it allows young people to get a small taste of what the real world is like! Hence the more proactive the people the more efficient the station is, in a nutshell UJFM has huge potential.
Stephan entered the world of media with ambitious goals of setting up a solid career path, using UJFM as his training ground the big world of media is only a few steps away. Though the job itself can at times be a trying experience Stephan still maintains a balanced life whilst working which includes playing the guitar and participating in a variety of sports.
At the end of the day it’s up to the driving force behind any organisation to make it work. Stephan has shown that by maintaining a strong attitude and an awesome focus, UJFM is  in safe hands and the future of the station is extremely promising!
Stephan’s favourites:
City: Joburg
Food: Italian
Country: South Africa
What would you be if you weren’t UJFM’s station manager: “I would be involved in Television!”
Message to young South African’s: “Believe in what you want to do and persevere!”