Not really knowing what to expect before this interview, I quickly read through Catherine Webb’s background information and found that she is quite an accomplished twenty year old. Knowing that she had her first novel published at fourteen makes you kind of nervous for the interview – I mean what kind of person is this?
Apparently I wasn’t wrong, this third year student, who is reading for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History at the London School of Economics (yes I repeat the London School of Econimics!), says her life is pretty much as normal as any other twenty year olds.

We tend to disagree! She firstly has a successful career as a writer and has received global acclaim for her recent publications on the tales of Horatio Lyle, a Sherlock Holmes slash Thomas Edison character that has captured the imagination of many an avid reader of detective/fantasy novels. Catherine casually mentions that her time at the London School of Economics has been “cool”, okay stop right there! Let’s recap; she is twenty and studies at the London School of Economics! On top of this she was first published at the age of fourteen and now has a successful series of books. You have got to be kidding; this is no normal twenty year old university student!
Catherine openly discusses that writing was purely accidental; apparently a summer holiday provided the inspiration for the first of many stories. Growing up in London as an only child, Catherine admits she does have one flaw, (okay she never admitted it but we think it is), she supports the Arsenal football club and has a soft spot for Sheffield United! Openly confronting an Arsenal supporter was not a very good move as she mentions that she has studied Martial Arts! Football and phenomenal success aside Catherine is just a normal student contemplating everyday life, in this case her moving from university Residency into her own digs just shows that talented people such as Catherine walk among us just like normal people!
Catherine’s future looks bright and she has a huge career ahead of her. It seems that many more novels and plans up her sleeve. We wait with great anticipation for Catherine’s next global success!
Catherine’s favourites:
Country: Czech Republic
Food: Thai
Moment of her life: Directing Richard the 2nd and capturing the audience in that one planned moment!
Message to young South Africans: “Write what you enjoy!”