Paul Kelly

First things first, what do you think of the all new FirstStep?
Very cool front page, things are a lot more ordered, its easier to navigate
What new developments have happened since we last spoke? (Check out our first interview with Paul below)
Our team Fidentia Rangers managed to avoid relegation last season.  I’ve moved down to Cape Town with them and we are currently second on the log this season.

Any crazy obstacles that took some major overcoming?
Staying positive and believing something good would happen when I was struggling to find a team at the beginning of this season.
Is your job description still the same and what new responsibilities have come your way?
Still the same.
2007 is just around the corner what are your projections for yourself?
I would like to promoted to the PSL, and perhaps play in a foreign league next season.  (FirstStep says: Nice One!)
Craziest moment of 2006?
Driving to a game with 22 players in a combi.  Someone almost crashed into us but we won the game 3-1. (FirstStep says: Hectic....)
If you could describe yourself with one word what would it be?
Ambition drives most people to success, surely success can be built on other factors and you must have come across them over the last few years, what where they for you?
Perseverance through tough times when things seem stacked against you.  If you can come through those moments it makes you a stronger and better person and gives you fresh insight into obstacles that lie ahead.
FirstStep is calling 2006 the year of the new generation of Sport Legends (Note, see our article on Sport Legends). Do you have any hero’s in the sport arena?
Lance Armstrong
Your Christmas Wish List:
A dog. (FirstStep says: Still a kid at heart!)
Yes or No questions:
1. Life is easier as a student than a working individual? No
2. 2007 is going to be crazier than 2006? Yes
3. Italy deserved to win the World Cup? Hell no, Germany deserved to win
Your new message for young South Africans:
Drive yourself forward no matter what the situation.  Believe wholeheartedly in yourself and your abilities.  
2005 Interview:
Becoming a professional football player is tough, you got to be fit, mentally prepared and have the drive to keep you going through the difficult times. For some this seems to be way too much to handle, however there are South Africans going out there and rolling with the punches!! One South African with this focus of becoming a champion footballer is 23 year old Paul Kelly.
Paul completed high school in 1999 and received a full sports scholarship to play football in the USA. Initially Paul headed off to Connecticut to play football for the Taft School in what is considered as a post matric equivalent in South African terms. The year was enriching for Paul and the level of football was of a strong competitive nature.
2001 and Paul was off to the University of Richmond in Virginia. Paul’s scholarship included full tuition and living expenses (that’s pretty awesome!), Paul studied a four year undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts and was involved in a well structured football orientated programme.  
Now Paul is back in South Africa, with a career in professional football on the cards. Looking to gain experience locally in South Africa, Paul has just signed a contract with the Durban team Manning Rangers. Paul wants to build experience locally so that he can later go into the international leagues with some form of league exposure.
With hopes of representing South Africa in the near future, Paul believes that you must try and pave your future by making calculated decisions. Further Paul recommends that getting involved in a well structured programme will definitely aid an inspiring sportsperson.
Paul’s message to the youth of South Africa:
“Explore all the options available to you!”