Zayn Nabbi

Zayn Nabbi journalist, game show contestant, guest television presenter and co-author of Transformation in Rugby…..that’s some major achievements for the young lad from the East Coast of Durban!
When we last spoke with Zayn he had completed his B.Tech in Journalism and was writing for the Independent Newspapers in Durban. He has since made waves in South Africa by being a contestant on Survivor South Africa, which also highlighted one of his worst moments of this year, “Definitely eating raw fish!” (FirstStep note: well said mate, we like food but the cooked kind!).

Sitting at the sports desk at the Independent Newspapers, Zayn still reports on Rugby, Hockey and School sports. He has also managed to Co-author a paper on the Transformation in Rugby in South Africa. During his spare time, which is very minimal these days, he manages to fit in some competitive club rugby and hockey.
Zayn states one of his proudest achievements is being a panellist on the SA Rugby Player of the year in 2003, being the youngest ever at 21. Zayn comments its sportsmen like Brian Lara, Tana Umaga and Johnny Wilkinson that’s keeps his passion for sports journalism energised, “They are living legends!” Although his enthusiasm lies in sport Zayn still managed to make a lateral move as a Guest Presenter on Eastern Mosaic covering the Durban Diwali festival.
His future ambitions vary however he has an ideology that focuses on making South Africa an even greater country. (FirstStep say’s nice one!).   
Zayn’s Christmas Wish List: World Peace
Yes or No questions:
1. Life is easier as a student than a working individual? Yes, but more enjoyable as a working individual.
2. 2007 is going to be crazier than 2006? Yes
3. Italy deserved to win the World Cup? No, it should have been Portugal!!
Your new message for young South Africans:
“It doesn’t matter how many degrees or qualifications you have, the University of Life is where you learn your greatest lessons!”

Jan 2006 interview:
South African sport is full of excitement and major news worthy events. These happenings need to be captured and told to the public in a manner that both represents the truth and allows ones imagination to be inspired.
Zayn Nabbi is a young South African who has allowed his passion for sport and writing to merge into a career as a sports journalist. Finishing high school in the 2000, Zayn went straight into the student way of life by enrolling in a Diploma in Journalism at Natal Technikon (now the Durban Institute of Technology). The course was a two and a half year stint at the institution followed by a six month in-service that completed a total three year programme. Zayn’s in-service was somewhat unique as he managed to strike a deal with his lecturers, Zayn was allowed to freelance himself to newspapers as opposed to getting involved in a basic salary in-service programme. Hence making himself more money in the process (now that’s what we call working smart!).
Zayn completed his B.Tech in journalism on a part time basis in the year 2004 and he now works for the Independent Newspapers. Zayn’s “Beat” as he puts it in his journalistic lingo, is mainly orientated around Rugby, Hockey, Boxing and School Sport. From a lad who at one stage was set in his ways on becoming a Fireman, Zayn is now making waves in his professional field. Drawing on family, religion and his lecturers as forms of inspiration for him being where he is today, Zayn maintains it’s the stories about real people involved in everyday activities that makes being a journalist so rewarding.
Zayn’s favourites:  
Favourite city: “Haven’t been to my favourite city yet, it will probably be New Orleans or New York”
Favourite Country: Swaziland
Favourite Food: a good mutton briyani!
Message to South Africa’s youth: “Why listen to me!” (Typical journalist answer!)