Kirsty Hannaford

First things first, what do you think of the all new FirstStep?
Very nice – looks like you’re moving up in the world :)
What new developments have happened since we last spoke? Check below for Kirsty's first interview with us!
Um…. Completed a project I was running on campus. Oh – and bought a house (very scary!!!)

Any crazy obstacles that took some major overcoming?
I suck at time management and also just adjusting to now being an adult – that’s HUGE!
Is your job description still the same and what new responsibilities have come your way?
Still a policy researcher but am gradually being included in new things e.g.: policy drafting and legislative drafting
2007 is just around the corner what are your projections for yourself and Cheeky Magazine for next year?
Going to finish my Masters and other than that… just take it as it comes! (FirstStep says: Thats cool, masters is hectic!!)
Craziest moment of 2006?
Elephant-back riding in Zimbabwe (FirstStep note: Note an average day to day thing to do, but will give it a go on the way to the office next week!)
If you could describe yourself with one word what would it be?
Ambition drives most people to success, surely success can be built on other factors and you must have come across them over the last few years, what where they for you?Determination, a fantastic support system (friends & family), a positive attitude, a bit of fear and lots of hard work!
FirstStep is calling 2006 the year of the new generation of Sport Legends (Note, see our article on Sport Legends). Do you have any hero’s in the sport arena?
Oscar Pistorious – just shows you what is possible
Your Christmas Wish List:
To successfully cook Christmas lunch
Yes or No questions:
1. Life is easier as a student than a working individual? YES
2. 2007 is going to be crazier than 2006? YES
3. Italy deserved to win the World Cup? SI! (FirstStep note: Si=yes, we had trouble there for a second)
Your new message for young South Africans:
“The mere fact that you have obstacles to overcome is in your favour” – Robert Collier

Early 2006 Interview:
Aged 23, Kirsty is really making waves in the political world! Currently involved in the University of Pretoria’s SADC Centre as a policy researcher and is an assistant lecturer at the University of Pretoria’s Political Science department.Kirsty completed her undergraduate degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2004 and with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (P.P.E.) behind she headed off to Gauteng. In 2005 Kirsty completed her honours degree in Political Science and is currently tackling her Political Science masters.
Hannaford offsets the stereotype of a politician by wanting to contribute to the development of work on the African continent. Wanting to do something good for the people and not looking to achieve power, Kirsty has shown there is true diversity in professional careers! The PPE degree drew her attention as it gave her a well rounded degree. Kirsty believes that the degree allows an individual to have critical reasoning and is extremely multi-dimensional. Hannaford does put forward the argument that being open to ideas and being able to network oneself is very useful in this field!
With her first Graduation being up there as one the best moments of her career so far, Kirsty will always treasure her name being on a policy paper that was submitted to provincial government as a crucial step in the correct direction of her career.With ambitions of helping South Africa become the promised success it has always shown, Kirsty believes she will be a front runner in this development. However she still keeps her feet on the ground and believes in systematically reaching her goals in a realistic manner.
Kirsty Hannaford’s Favourites:
Favourite City: Durban
Favourite part of her job: the culmination of a project
Favourite food: Mexican
What would you have been if you weren’t involved in politics: A teacher!
Message to young South Africans: “The Future is in your hands!”