Current job status and what it entails: I am currently employed by Ernst & Young in the position as a Trainee Accountant serving my articles.  I work in the Durban office in the Retail and Consumer Products Division.  I audit companies and other corporate entities.  Basically I work within a team and based on the work that we do, the partner will express an opinion on the financial position of the particular company.

Where did you qualify and tell us about your degree as well as your experience at university: I attended UND for my undergraduate degree, a B.Com (Accounting).  I continued my studying and obtained my postgraduate Honours in Accounting in 2005.  My degree involved financial accounting, management accounting, tax and audit issues.  Studying was tough, especially the further on I got in my studies but the reward of passing first time made it all worth while.  I also got involved some sporting activities at university, I played cricket and was the chairman of the University Cricket Club.  I went on 3 SASSU tours to PE and JHB, all really awesome experiences with a great bunch of guys.  
Why did you study your degree, what drew you to it: I’ve always been a numbers person, and business has always interested me, it was natural progression to finish school and move on to study something business/accounting related    
What are your future goals: Complete my articles and pass all my board examinations so that I am able to put CA(SA) after my name.  I then want to travel a bit and experience business in different countries before I decide where I want to settle down.
Best moment/’s of your life so far: Passing part one of the SAICA Board Examination, that includes the night of celebration after results came out…  
Biggest Challenge/’s: Pass part two of the SAICA Board Examinations.
Where do you envisage yourself in the progress and future of South Africa:  
I want to be right up there with the leaders of business driving South Africa in to a sustainable growth country…
Your Favourites:
1. City: Durban – the sun and the surf, good weather and good looking women  
2. Part of your job: Something different all the time, very challenging
3. Food: Spaghetti, pizza and beer
What would you be if you weren’t a …:
Playing lots of golf, but serious I don’t really know.  I’ve never really had a back up plan as such in terms of an alternative career.   I think had I not done by B.Com I might have gotten involved in sports management or coaching of some sort, possibly a teacher…  Try to enlighten the young minds of tomorrow…
Your message for South Africa’s youth:
Work hard, nothing easy is worth while and treasure what you have, you could always be worse off…