Zayd Bhaila

Zayd Bhaila who completed his degree at Wits University and recently passed his Public Practice exam, is currently doing his articles at Ernst & Young
1. Why did you choose a career in auditing? I wanted to be a CA, as it represented an exciting opportunity. I wanted a career that would allow me to prosper both socially and financially. This type of career does not restrict a person and provides you with various opportunities to travel and work overseas as well as to work at the best companies in the world or even start your own business.

 2. What impressed you most about Ernst & Young? For me, Ernst and Young represent one of the “Big 4” Accounting and Auditing Firms in the world and the diversity of clients and work-experience has impressed me. Secondly the diverse culture at Ernst and Young is second to none and has always and to this day impressed me. Ernst and Young have such a wonderful work culture where the directors play an integral part in driving the culture into Ernst and Young. Thus it is not hard to believe that Ernst and Young were voted the Best Company to work for in 2006.
3. Now that you have passed you PPE exam, where do you see your career taking you?
I think that by passing the PPE Exam, I am open to various avenues. Going forward I will have to make a decision and the following choices are open to me,-
1- Staying at Ernst and Young either in auditing or one of the other divisions (Corporate Finance, Taxation or Internal Audit).
2 – Going on secondment via Ernst & Young outside SA either for a few months or a long term period.
3 – Pursing my own independent company
3 – Or possibly gaining experience as a Financial Manager in other corporate companies.
4. When was the first time you heard about Ernst & Young? I heard about Ernst and Young at University as a first year student on Campus.
5. What do you enjoy most about your chosen career? I have enjoyed meeting and working with new and diverse people and the constant everyday learning. Every audit represents a different challenge and there is great potential to learn and obtain valuable knowledge and experiences that will shape your life to a certain extent.
6. What advice would you give to a high school graduate looking to take a career in auditing?I would suggest that they keep on this path as it provides a challenging yet rewarding experience.
7. What experiences have you gained during your time at Ernst & Young?I have learned to communicate and work with diverse people from different backgrounds. Personally I have felt that Ernst and Young have helped me to grow as a person by improving my personal and business skills.
8. Diversity at work, how would you say Ernst & Young best encapsulates this statement?Ernst and Young represents Diversity ay Work. There is a great diversity of staff and people at Ernst & Young. The company has a range of diverse clients and hence a diverse working experience.