Konrad Karcz

Name: Konrad Karcz

Age:  23
Current Occupation: Graduate Civil Engineer
So what is exactly is it that you do?As a graduate engineer you leave university and realise just how little you actually know. The first few years of work are a big learning curve where you are taught the finer details of your chosen field within civil engineering. As a result I am currently working on prestressed bridge designs for the Gautrain project, and anything else my boss tells me to do.
Why in the world would you choose a career in Engineering?
Civil engineering comprises many different fields, so if you don’t enjoy doing the same thing everyday then engineering may be what you’re looking for.

Where did you study and what type of Engineering Degree did you read for? I studied civil engineering the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal.
How was your experience at university? I enjoyed having all the free time. But as far as the social scene went, UKZN didn’t have much of that. One bonus to being at UKZN though, is that you become immune to protests, strikes, and any other mass actions.
Give us a brief run down of your average working day? (coffee breaks can be included!) In the design office, work typically starts at about 0730, and continues to lunch at 1300 with a coffee break or two in-between to break the monotony.  Work resumes at 1330 until 1630. On site, work starts at 0700 and continues until whenever you get the daily tasks done.
What type of challenges do you face on an ongoing basis? Staying awake at work. (FirstStep notes: A challenge faced by many a South African!)
If you could start from scratch what would you have differently? Not sure.
Quick questions:
Funniest moment of your career: None thus far. (FirstStep says: Sometimes work can be very serious!)
Highlight of your career so far: None thus far. (FirstStep says: Maybe a bit too serious...)
If you weren’t a Male you would be a Female
Your favourites:
Favourite food:
Braai food!
Favourite Country:
South Africa
Favourite City:
Your message to young South Africans: Don’t sell yourself short, you’re better than you think you are.