Mbali Mhlongo

Age: 18

What are you studying at The International Hotel School? Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management
What Year are you in? 1st Year
So what’s the best part of studying at The International Hotel School? Working at different hotels and meeting new people.

Describe an average day for you? Going to classes and laughing.  
Did you always want to get into the Hospitality industry? Yes
What are your future plans?  To own my own business. (FirstStep say’s we like ambition!)
What has been your craziest moment at The International Hotel School?  Having to dress up as a boy (in the annual Turn-around party) (FirstStep say’s hmmmmm….)
If you could be any superhero who would you be?  Superman
Quick questions:
Favourite Food:  Pizza, anything edible
Favourite City:  Durban
Favourite Country:  South Africa
One word that best describes you:  Friendly

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