Age: 18
What are you studying at The International Hotel School? Hospitality Management
What Year are you in?  1st year

So what’s the best part of studying at The International Hotel School? We get the best of both i.e. theoretical knowledge and practical experience.
Describe an average day for you? Lectures start at 08h00 which is okay however by 09h00 we want a break. The 5 minute breaks in-between lectures really help us focus.
Did you always want to get into the Hospitality industry? Oh yes, definitely, I knew already when I was in grade 9.(FirstStep say's Awesome!)
What are your future plans?  After qualifying, I want to work abroad to gain more experience and then return to South Africa to share all that I have learned.
What has been your craziest moment at The International Hotel School?  A friend tried to pick me up to carry me but he accidentally dropped me on the floor. I fell on my head. Everyone who saw me laughed at me – so I started laughing at myself. (FirstStep note: Do not try that home!)
If you could be any superhero who would you be? Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls (FirstStep say's who's that?!)
Quick questions:
Favourite Food: Italian Food
Favourite City: New York City
Favourite Country:  South Africa
One word that best describes you: Spontaneous

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