Jody Hendricks

Jody Hendricks“I am a News junky!”
At the age of 25, Jody Hendricks has accomplished a lot in his life. Currently a staff writer at Men’s Health Magazine, Jody states that his passion for writing was instilled during his primary school years, “Listening to rap artists like Prophets of the City, writing rap music and really enjoying creative writing classes, inspired me to pursue a career in this industry.” With this creative side the development of a further interest soon emerged and that was the awareness of South Africa media, “My interest in media starting by listening to the radio and that rapidly evolved…radio, television and reading began to consume my life!”

After matriculating in 1999, Hendricks did a two year Business Diploma and then took a gap year. During which he did a lot of research into his future career, it became apparent to Jody that he needed to pursue a qualification in Journalism. Enrolling at Peninsula Technikon in 2003 (now Cape Peninsula University of Technology), Jody studied a Journalism Diploma which he completed in 2005. His second year required that he do an internship and get a hands on feel of the industry. “My internship was done at SABC’s Top Billing show, which meant I gained a lot of experience very quickly and got to work with some big names, the Black Eyed Pea’s being one of the many highlights.”
His Diploma was a good mix of theory and practical experience, Hendricks puts forward his education was definitely a benefit to his career path, “It really gave me an insight into what to expect in the industry”.  Whilst a student Jody even had his own radio show at a community station, this allowed him to keep in touch with his interest in the media. Working his way up the ranks at the station Jody states, “I was prepared to start from the bottom and although it meant at times I would have to work for free, it was worth it…” His current position at Men’s Health, is pretty intense which includes interviewing actors, sports stars and health professionals. His most recent feature was something extremely dramatic, “In the latest edition of Men’ Health you can read my boxing feature, where me and one of my colleagues trained for two months and had to fight each other in the end. The journey on how to go from Zero to Boxing hero in 8 weeks.” ( says: Now that’s intense…)
A definite name for the future, Jody Hendricks, is making waves in the SA media field. With big things still to come and already so much accomplished, it’s definitely a future story worth waiting for…
Quick Questions with Jody Hendricks:
1. If you weren’t a journalist, you would be…involved in the sports industry in some way, be it in media, management, marketing or even coaching.
2. If you could be a superhero who would you be: “Not Superman, I don’t care much for red underpants, probably Spiderman.” ( says: Fair enough)
3. One word that best describes you: “Laid back”. ( notes: That’s two words but we will give you a break.)
4. Favourite Food: “Braai vleis!”
5. Favourite City: “New York.” ( say’s: Nice one!)
6. Favourite Country: “Japan”.
Message to young South Africans looking to become a journalist: “Stay on top of your game, be prepared to graft and know that it is a competitive industry to be involved in.”