Murat Mutlu

Age: 32
Current Occupation:  
Food Engineer; M.Sc. / Sales Manager
So what is exactly is it that you do:  
I am the sales manager for Pakistan and Sri Lanka markets in an international Flavour and Fragrance producing company named Givaudan Suisse SA. I am responsible to grow and maintain the existing business in these countries.

Flavours (like strawberry, orange, mint, ketchup, cheese) are used almost in all industrial food products including confectionery, dairy, beverages, savory chips and culinary.  I am in touch with mostly the R&D and Purchasing departments of international and local food producer companies, in order to promote our flavours by initiating projects which are handed through our several facilities worldwide.
Why in the world would you choose a career as a Food Engineer?  
Basically since my childhood I always had a strong interest in scientific related things. During my high school career I realized that I was successful in lessons and areas which were based on logical and analytical methods rather than ones focused on individual approach or comment.
Moreover the engineering field has the privilege of being able to complete a MBA after university which allows you to close the gap during your career with the administrative fields. ( say's Nice one!)
Those were the main reasons which took me to engineering field.
Give us a brief run down of your average working day?
Since I am in sales there are times that I am out visiting clients whilst the other part is me being in the office:
Typical office day:
- I think it is very important to start with a warm ‘hi’ to my colleagues around me
- checking incoming e-mails  
- following up and initiating new projects according to incoming briefs
- checking daily orders
- processing part of the weekly and monthly reports
- participating in daily meetings
For customer visits there is no typical pattern in a day. ( notes: yup we know what you talking about!)
What type of challenges do you face on an ongoing basis?
- Building up good and friendly relationships with customers!
- Solving problems with unsatisfied customers
- Realizing the annual basis targets
- Maintaining existing business  
- Strategising against competitor business!
Do you recommend studying to get into your field?
Of course, I recommend Food Engineering or Food Technologist fields to my young friends all the time. Since the sector is one which will never die and will  always improve as the human race wants to eat ( say's: So true!)
Actually Food Engineering is one of sub-fields of Chemistry Engineering.
Quick questions with Murat!
Funniest moment of your career:
Actually I would never forget the day when I first announced to my uncle that I would be a `food engineer!` He just replied teasing me "What then, you’ll be a kebab engineer!". ( notes: Comment of the year!)
If you weren’t a Food Engineer you would be an Electronic Engineer
Murat’s favourites:
Favourite Food: Cheese! ( say's hmmm....)
Favourite Country: Turkey of course (my home country)! Also the USA...
Murat’s message to young South Africans:
Do not forget whatever direction you choose for your career always target the highest’s and never let yourself or anyone limit your goals.The SKY's the limit!