Pablo Barone Duran

With a Bachelor degree in Marketing and after four years of corporate desk jockeying, this 27 year old Argentinean from San Nicolas, has packed up his gear and headed to New Zealand to seek adventure and what he calls true happiness in a chilled out environment!
Current Occupation: Global traveler on a Gap Year!

So what exactly is it that you do: At the moment I just enjoy life! However after completing my degree in Marketing, I took on positions as an accounts manager for two companies, one was a software company and the other a bank for the better part of four years and now I am on a nice long break.
So what led you to take an extended Gap Year? To be honest, when I try to think about the work I did, I found I was behaving exactly like a corporate junky. Always rushing and continuingly pushing the envelope in the corporate world. Which I realized is not fulfilling, the answer I found is to be successful in my personal life first before achieving that “ultimate” success in the corporate field. ( says: A man with a plan, we think…)
Give us a brief run down of your average working day: It’s totally the opposite of my corporate life! I wake up without pressure, I then go to work, I have a part time job here in Auckland at the tourist Reverse Bungee. Its cool, cause it’s my first job without being in an office. ( Sounds like a chilled life!)
What type of challenges do you face on an ongoing basis? Not much! ( say’s: hmmm….)
Do you recommend studying as a way to achieving a successful career? Yes, but not only for your career but also for your personal growth.
Now the big question, will you return to the corporate life and when? Yes, I am keeping my eye on the global business trends at the moment and when the time is right I will jump at the right opportunity!
Quick questions with Pablo!
Funniest moment of your career: Sending my friends on the bungee! ( does an Austin Powers Dr Evil Laugh…)
Pablo’s favourites:
Favourite Food: Argentine Barbeque or Asado in Spanish!
Favourite Country: Still looking ( well we guess New Zealand is ruled out…)
Favourite Role Model: My father.
Pablo’s message to young people in the big wide world: “just be honest with yourself, try to enjoy every minute like if it were the last because time is un-renewable resource!”