Jason Adriaan

Tired of constantly being capped and only allowed to surf local websites? Young Medical Student and Entrepreneur, Jason Adriaan has created a website that allows you to surf local only websites even when you're capped. Go look at LocalList.co.za and tell use what you think.

We spoke to Mr Adriaan:
Age: 20
1.    Current Occupation:  
I am currently the owner of locallist.co.za and I have a number of other online projects lined up for 2009. I am a full time medical student at UCT. In other words my schedule is very full.
2.    So what exactly is it that you do:
Local List is my major current project I am involved in and the goal of the website is very simple: Giving an affordable alternative to international Internet. We index all websites, FTP Servers and Online Services you can access with local-only Internet accounts. Local-Only Internet accounts are all Uncapped as per ICASA ruling and are extremely affordable. We hope to cause an explosion in Internet usage in South Africa.
3.    Why in the world would you choose career?
In many ways I have two parallel careers. The online entrepreneurial side is motivated by interest in technology and the Internet in general, and the Medicine comes from an urge to help people.
4.    Did you study, how did you go about learning your trade?
Most of my knowledge of the Internet and how to set up a website, marketing it and much more comes from experience over many years. I have had a few websites and with every one I learnt something new. I am currently studying an MBChB at UCT but it is totally unrelated to my online career.
5.    Give us a brief run down of your average working day?  
Wake up, freshen up, make a cup of coffee, check Facebook, Twitter, Local List, E-mails then I do a quick Google search for myself (I recommend it) and run off to Campus. I return late and I make a few phone calls, send a few e-mails, do administration and keep up to date with Twitter, Facebook and Google. I then do some studying until I decide that it is time to go to bed. Every day is a hard working day. But all of it is Fun and that is what matters.
6.    What type of challenges do you face on an ongoing basis?
Managing people that work for you is not an easy task, especially for someone as young and largely inexperienced as myself. It’s a massive learning curve but one of the most important experiences of my life. I have a simple rule… If I can’t do something then I delegate it to someone who can. I ask for help when I need it, I give help when I can and I try and keep the people around me happy as well as myself.
7.    Do you recommend studying to get into your field?  
Yes, nothing better than knowing what you are doing. But decide early what your specialty will be. Do you want to get into the web business as a Designer, a Programmer, Internet Marketing, Business etc. If you have cool ideas for websites and love seeing your name up in lights then I guess you can study what ever you want – it’s an attitude thing, and a bit of skill. If you want to do what I do then learn to come to terms with your own limitations and surround yourself with people who can help you and then keep those people happy.  
•    Quick questions:
1.    Funniest moment of your career:  
A few things: Getting 200 000 thousand page views on locallist.co.za in its first month, getting onto 5FM and then being approached by the same guys I once approached for favors.
2.    Highlight of your career so far:
The success of locallist.co.za and the ability to share with South Africa the opportunity to attain affordable Internet.
•    Your favourites:
1.    Favourite food:  
My Mother’s Food – Especially the Hong Kong (sticky) Chicken ☺
2.    Favourite Country:  
South Africa!
3.    Favourite City:  
Cape Town
•    Your message to young South Africans:
Do what you love at all costs and do it better than everyone else. Have a good game plan; start planning your life properly so that you can reach your goals. Get out there… take a chance and if you fail at it then learn from your mistakes and do it better next time.  Lastly stay in South Africa and help us build this country up!