Aaliyah Ameer

Age: 24
Where did you study: UCT, Business Science, Finance (CA)
1. Okay so you just finished graduate from University, now you working at a very cool and distinguished company, does that make you think that every minute of studying paid off or do you feel this is the stepping stone to your big career plan? In all honesty, the second I stood on the stage at grad for my 3 seconds of fame, all the hours of studying, missing out on friend’s birthdays due to never ending tests and exams, tears of frustration when the results board refused to reflect the mark you really knew you deserved, all became but a distant memory. All in all, any form of studying will pay off. However for me, this is just the beginning…

2. What’s a basic day like for you at Ernst and Young? I have to wake up (a complete shock to my system after having the luxury to decide if I even wanted to get out of bed while at Uni). Then drive to work (knowing that in a few years I’d be flying down the M3 in my Lamborghini Gallardo), spending the day with an awesome team, learning about the true essence of business and meeting many interesting characters along the way.
3. Do you balance work with other activities, how do you unwind or chill out?  
A balance between work and play is essential but it’s the right attitude that makes the work feel more like play. I love going out with my friends, any form of dancing and exploring my country.
4. Did you always want to work in the financial services industry? I’ve always been interested in business and people. It’s a great place to creatively use your analytical brain!
5. What inspires you in the workplace? At my particular firm, I’d have to say it is the people, more specifically the teams I work in.
6. Where do you see yourself in five years time? Before my arrival into the working world, I had a plan. But now, experiencing so much, opportunities are arising that I never even knew existed. For now, my goal is to expose my self to as much as possible and discover my niche along the way.
Okay serious questions over!!
7. If you weren’t a “Trainee Accountant” you would be a detective on CSI (preferably Miami)
8. Your favourite country? I’ve done a bit of exploring, and in all my travels, I’m always been so excited to return home, to South Africa! I live in Cape Town and nothing can compare to its natural beauty, beautiful people and fascinating politics.
9. Favourite Food? I think it would be an injustice to pick just one dish.
10. Favourite Book, Movie and website: “Shantaram”
“In pursuit of Happiness”  and Google (who can survive without it!)
Words of inspiration for the youth of the world:
Nothing truly worthwhile comes easily. So push through when things seem tough and remember to enjoy all the little pleasures along the way. Laugh a lot, love a lot and never stop dreaming!