Bronwyn Shand

Age: 23
Where did you study: University of Pretoria
1. Okay so you just finished graduate from University, now you working at a very cool and distinguished company, does that make you think that every minute of studying paid off or do you feel this is the stepping stone to your big career plan? Every minute of studying absolutely paid off. I’m so proud to be working at a place where your opinion counts and you earn enough (maybe not yet) money to be able to do the things you couldn’t do as a student, e.g. buy a BMW (ok second-hand but it still counts). You get to meet very interesting and diverse people.

2. What’s a basic day like for you at Ernst and Young? When you are unassigned: get up early to miss traffic. Spend the day avoiding eye contact with people who could potentially give you work. Catch up on the latest office gossip in the coffee area. Leave before traffic. When you have a client: get up and leave your house before traffic, work pretty hard the whole day (depending on the client it might go into the night), learn an immense amount from your seniors, interact with the client and try and leave before traffic. ( says: Charming!)
3. Do you balance work with other activities, how do you unwind or chill out? Yes, go mountain biking, meet up with friends, read and watch movies.
4. Did you always want to work in the financial services industry? Yes, since grade 7. ( notes: Good ambition).
5. What inspires you in the workplace? Challenges inspire me and keep me motivated as well as wanting to make a name for myself.
6. Where do you see yourself in five years time? I will probably not in auditing. Perhaps I will end up as a financial manager in a really interesting company. I would love to get into designing or assisting on programming specific programs that companies can use to make their processes easier.
Okay serious questions over!!
7. If you weren’t a human you would be a super-hero ( says: Finally thinking out the box! Brilliant!)
8. Your favourite country? South Africa (especially the Graskop area and the Eastern Cape) – I’ve only ever travelled to Mozambique. ( says check out Roaming Newton's adventure in Mozambique!)
9. Favourite Food? Spanish chicken with a scone topping. (Scone topping, raises eyebrows!)
10. Favourite Book, Movie and website: The Da Vinci Code, The Sixth Sense and
Words of inspiration for the youth of the world:
Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.
“This too shall pass” – very inspiring