Age: 24

Where did you study: Wits
1.Okay so you just finished graduate from University, now you working at a very cool and distinguished company, does that make you think that every minute of studying paid off or do you feel this is the stepping stone to your big career plan?
At the moment feel like a glorified secretary. A high school student (ok I am exaggerating a grade one) could be employed to do the work I am doing and…. At a much lower cost.However we all know that after these 3 years the world is literally at our fingertips. So need “ to keep our eye on the prize”.

2.What’s a basic day like for you at Ernst and Young?  
On a good day…….Struggle like hell to get up, drink a cup of tea! Drive half comatised to work.
Read through emails, look busy, read through more emails!
Coffee break, email catching up time! Lunch break…..emails!
Try and justify to yourself why you haven’t done much all day.
Coffee break, more emails and then…. Home time! ( says: Finally someone who drinks coffee!)
3. Do you balance work with other activities, how do you unwind or chill out?
That’s easy because I am never stressed so no need to unwind.However when its deadline time- the contrary happens- always stressed and no time to unwind! Gotta find that balance.
4. Did you always want to work in the financial services industry?
Yes,I believe that finance is the centre of the corporate world so might as well get your foot in the door and get those 3 years of experience.
5. What inspires you in the workplace?
Seeing how people get away with minimal work and still achieve 4 star ratings. Still need to learn their tricks! No seriously- seeing how people are so successful and reminding myself that everyone started off from the same point and its just your attitude, commitment and determination that achieves success. ( notes: Good thinking!)
6. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
5 years? I don’t know where im going to be in the 5 days!
But hopefully happy! Success isn’t worth anything if you not happy on a daily basis. ( says: we hope she is happy in 5 days time!)
Okay serious questions over!!
7. If you weren’t an auditor you would be a professional baker ( raises eyebrows!)
8. Your favourite country?
Israel/Greece it’s a toss up.
9. Favourite Food?
Sushi (only vegetarian- I am not one for raw fish and stuff)
10. Favourite Book, Movie and website... Boring!!!!! ( says: Fair enough!)
Words of inspiration for the youth of the world:
Its how I strive to live my life “be true to yourself and don’t conform to society just because everyone thinks its right”
Just make sure that whatever you are doing you are internally a happy person!
Oh and one more thing in a book I just read “brick walls are not there to keep us out, they are there to make us re-evaluate how badly we want it”