Matthew Lines

Age: 23
Where did you study: Wits
1. Okay so you just finished graduate from University, now you working at a very cool and distinguished company, does that make you think that every minute of studying paid off or do you feel this is the stepping stone to your big career plan?
It’s definitely a stepping stone to my big career plan.

2. What’s a basic day like for you at Ernst and Young?
Lots of work but lots of fun. I’m always laughing and talking to the other team members. If I’m unassigned my day is very chilled with lots of coffee breaks in the canteen.
3. Do you balance work with other activities, how do you unwind or chill out?
Yes I go out for dinner with my friends once a week. I watch TV when I get home or go meet up with friends.
4. Did you always want to work in the financial services industry?
Not always only after school however I always wanted to be involved in business.
5. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Starting up my own business. ( says: Good stuff!)
Okay serious questions over!!
6. Your favourite country? America
7. Favourite Food? Pizza
8. Favourite Book, Movie and website: The Davinci code, American beauty, Facebook
Words of inspiration for the youth of the world:
Always look on the Brightside of life. ( says: Oi! That's a song from Monty Python).