Darryl Pillay

"...what studying teaches you, is to work hard and apply yourself in different and usually foreign circumstances."
Age: 28
Where on the planet are you currently located:  Earth (I think)! (FirstStep.me say's, we said where not what!)
So what exactly is your job and how did you go about to achieve that career path, (talk about where you studied and what motivated you to choose this career):
I’m Regional Chief System Architect for GijimaAST, looking after all IT related projects on the East Coast, from the Mozambique border to George and all of KZN and Eastern Cape.  I’ve always been interested in Computer Science. I start tinkering at age 5, then matriculated with Computer Science and Advance Maths as my 7th and 8th subjects, the others being English, Afrikaans, Maths, Biology, Physics and History.  After that I was a Rotary Youth Exchange student to the USA where I truly fell in love with the art of Computer Science.  I later went on to complete a Bachelor of Science Honors in Computer Science at the University of Cape Town.

What’s a typical working day for you:
I usually get into the office at about 8am.  Have meetings and check my emails before setting tasks for my teams then I’m usually out the office by 5pm.  I often work after hours 3-5 days a week and usually every other weekend.  However I get to work from home, which is convenient especially with deadlines.  This is a 356-24/7 job, computers don’t sleep and never take holidays, and so neither do you. (FirstStep.me notes: Well put!)
All jobs have challenges, what would you say are some of yours:
Having tight deadlines with over anxious clients.
Where do you see yourself in five years time:
Chief Information Officer of a large ICT company.
Do you believe in studying as a key to success in all careers:
Yes, most definitely yes!  It is true that you will end up using very little of what you have learnt, but what studying teaches you, is to work hard and apply yourself in different and usually foreign circumstances.
Do you have any career role models that helped motivate your success:
Not really, I try to be my own role model and live up to the expectations that I set for myself.
Highlights of your career so far:
Getting head hunted by an overseas company and getting placed in a company in the UK.  
Funniest moment of your career so far:
I was once working on a tight deadline with a very problematic and hard client.  I demo-ed a partial system to her and she was so impressed she started crying.
Okay serious questions over:
If you weren’t an IT professional you would be a Photographer.
Darryl's Favourites:
Country- Italy
City- Cinque Terre
Food- sushi
Movie- Forrest Gump (FirstStep.me thinks...so not what we expected!)
Book- The Game
Website- www.codeproject.com
Words of wisdom for the youth of the globe:
Never take No for an answer, if you want something badly enough and are willing to work hard for it, ANYTHING is possible!