Cerigan Owen

Age: 28
Where on the planet are you currently located: Dubai, UAE
So what exactly is your job and how did you go about to achieve that career path:  
I’m a Business Class Air hostess, working for Emirates Airlines on the Big Airbus 380. I have been living in Dubai for two years now. I have the responsibility of looking after the safety and security of the Aircraft along with dealing with passengers (some difficult at times) and of course serve a delightful meal.

I came about this career from a totally ninety degree direction! I was working in Cape Town in a small animal veterinary hospital and I am highly allergic which didn’t help my job. After three years I finally decided that it is time for a career change. And yes I am good at what I do and I am really good with the animals but I wanted to fly and see the world. Whilst chatting with some friends we came up with an idea about a career as an air hostess. A career where one can travel and get paid to do it! My sister’s boyfriend told me about Emirates Airlines, so I went online, that night, found the Emirates website, sent in the application and within a week I got a response. Two weeks after that I was at the first interview, I got through all three rounds and within two months I was in Dubai.
Once in Dubai, it was six weeks of training which was a lot of fun!
What’s a typical working day for you:  
If doing a Sydney/Auckland flight. I’m up at 06h30, get picked up from my apartment at 07h45 and taken to Headquarters. Where we go through security and head to the briefing room. In briefing our documents get checked, we have safe talk questions that we have to answer then get introduced to the crew. The seniors will talk and remind us of procedures and safety. We have three SFS's (Senior Flight Stewards) and one Purser (The Purser has the final say, with the Flight Deck). Then once all that has been said is said, the Flight Deck come in and introduce themselves to everyone. They inform us of the flight time, the altitude we going to fly at and any other important information.
Once on board, we do security checks and then prepare the A/C (Aircraft) for the customers.
10h15 we should depart, in the air we start the meal service as soon as possible. Through out the flight we monitor customer’s needs and deliver the best service we can. The Airbus 380 has a bar in the back for First and Business Class customers. Where there can be up to 20 people there. Cocktails and bar food is freely provided and everyone loves the fact they can get up and stretch there legs. First Class has 2 showers.
On a long flight like Sydney (+-13hrs) Crew have to have a rest, where they have to be lying flat for min of 3hrs.  
Landing: When all the passengers have disembarked we do a security check of items left behind. Then we get the A/C all ready for the cleaners to come on board and clean.
Once everything has been done and the Purser has checked, we go through Visa control, get our bags and head to the hotel, were we normally crash for a few hours and then meet with some of the crew in the lobby for lunch/supper. It’s a long day, but someone has to do it.
All jobs have challenges, what would you say are some of yours: Dealing with fires on board, any medical case and difficult passengers.
Where do you see yourself in five years time: Not sure? All depends on how things go with Emirates, if I get my upgrade to Purser. I hope to have started a business or three and possibly be married. Doing the things I love to do. Being outside, creative, passionate with an abundance of money...(FirstStep.me says: cool stuff!)
Do you believe in studying as a key to success in all careers:  
In all careers, no! I think it’s difficult to know what you want to be when straight out of school. But if you have found a career that studying will help you excel, go for it. When you have the need to learn something, learn it....
Do you have any career role models that helped motivate your success:  
No, I just have a drive to do the best I can. I’m my own role model.
Highlights of your career so far:  
I once got a tip from one of the First Class Customers of +-R6000, each crew member got it. Getting my promotion to Business Class and soon First Class. (FirstStep.me says: Nice!)
Funniest moment of your career so far: There are so many...
Okay serious questions over:
If you weren’t an air hostess you would be whatever takes my fancy at the time? Jack of all traits, master of none.
Country- South Africa
City- Cape Town
Food- Sushi
Movie- BBC version of Pride and Prejudice
Words of wisdom for the youth of the globe:
Be honest and truthful to yourself at all times. Have an open mind when listening to people, no matter what they are telling you, good or bad.