Age: 24
Qualification: BCom (Hons) Management
Why I chose the Standard Bank program:
I chose Standard Bank for it's international opportunities and it's corporate culture. I also enjoy the freedom to move within the company with relative ease.
How has the program has helped me become a better person:
The program has helped me to work better in teams, improve my patience and understand myself on a deeper level and where I want to be in the future. ( notes: This chap is thinking first...good stuff!)

Where do I see myself in 5 years time:
I see myself having gained a good understanding of how the industry functions in both PBB and CIB, I will hopefully be working in an international division in a front office CIB roll or within strategy in a reasonably high position. ( says PBB means Private Business Banking and CIB means Corporate Investment Banking...we think!)
My best moments of the program:
So far have been the interaction with the executives at the GLC, the internship with special reference to Challenge Weekend, the interaction with the various departments within PBB and CIB during my projects and the Spear of the Nation Tour.
My favourite:
Country: Switzerland ( says again great choice!)
Book: The Book Thief 
Movie: The Band of Brothers Mini-series
Food: Pizza ( says: Good Man we believe in teh concept of Pizza!)
Advice to the youth of the world:
Take every opportunity and keep your mind open to suggestions.