Lisa Beattie

Age: 24
Where on the planet are you currently located: Kenilworth in Cape Town in sunny South Africa!
So what exactly is your job and how did you go about to achieve that career path:
I am a trainee accountant (doing my auditing articles). I studied a Bcom Accounting at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and then completed a post graduate diploma in accounting (PGDA), which is the honours year. 3 months after completing this, I wrote the first of 2 board exams (National qualifying exams). 18 months after that, I wrote the second exam, which I placed 6th in. Articles are 3 years and one has the option to substitute your first year for a year of academic articles (AA), which entails lecturing at a university. I went this route and did AA at UCT in the management accounting department. As part of doing AA, I was required to study something with a research component, which I decided to do my Masters in Tax. My motivation for choosing this career path was that I loved numbers and accounting and also love being challenged.

What’s a typical working day for you:  
Start work at 8am and end at 4:30pm usually at our client’s premises When I am auditing under a deadline, work could end as late as 10pm.
All jobs have challenges, what would you say are some of yours:
Being able to manage your team, manager’s and client’s expectations. ( says: cool!)
Where do you see yourself in five years time:
Running my own business. ( says: Now we talking, good stuff!)
Do you believe in studying as a key to success in all careers:
Definitely. Studying broadens your horizons and helps you get your foot in the door.
Do you have any career role models that helped motivate your success:
Not really. It was my husband and family that really helped my reach my goals and beyond. They really supported me through all my years of studying. I couldn’t have done it without their support.
Highlights of your career so far:
- placed 2nd in PGDA at UCT
- Completed one year of Academic articles at UCT  
- placed in the top 38 in the first board exam (with honours)
- placed 3rd  in my Masters in Tax class
- placed 6th in the second board exam (with honours)
Funniest moment of your career so far:
While giving a tutorial in academic articles, I was writing on the white board with a marker. I had unknowingly smudged some of the pen on my face and my students didn’t say anything for a while, but were laughing at me.
Okay serious questions over:
If you weren’t a Chartered accountant you would be a swimming coach.
How many countries have you travelled through in the last 5 years: 5
What is your favourite movie, website and book:  
Movie - Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
Website -
Book – Don’t waste your life, by John Piper
If you could live on and have your very own planet what would you name it: Sugarbush ( raises eyebrows!)
Do you have any role models past and present who inspire you: Natalie du Toit – disabled swimmer who competed in both the Paralympics and Olympics. (FirstStep says: Awesome!)
What message do you have for the youth of the world: Do something you love and then you’ll never have to work another day in your life.
Dream big and go for it – persevere as hard work really does pay off!