Mongezi Mtati: how a German rock band inspired his company

You started a company called WordStart and one of the igniting factors was the story of you looking for rock concert tickets?
The company had already started, yet in its very early stages. When we heard Rammstein was coming to S.A, with their tickets sold-out and no one willing to sell theirs. So, we thought starting conversations around ourselves through noticeable activities will get us closer to the tickets.

Conversation starters:
- We went sandboarding for the first time
- We gave away suckers with our contact details in Sandton
- We got featured on a local alternative music website/blog.
- One of the largest Rammstein Spanish fan sites picked it up and wrote about us all the way in Hungary.
Before we know it, Rammstein themselves sent us backstage passes. ( says thats awesome!)
Explain Word Start?
We are a boutique word of mouth marketing company, that helps companies connect with people, through real and honest conversation.
That is when we are not sandboarding and hogging the coffee machine.
So you are taking social media to real time and giving it a pulse?
Yes, partly. Social media is just one of the platforms we use, which enables people to talk and connect even more conversations. We view as a platform for engagement and feedback. Talking over a drink is still most preferred.
What’s the challenges you have faced so far in starting your own business?
With a somewhat unproven business concept, in South Africa that is, companies need proof that we are worth what we say we are. On the other hand, to prove the concept, we need to work with people.
The other challenge is access to decision makers and companies who are early adopters with cutting edge products.
Where do you see your company in ten years time?
I don't. I see myself doing adventure sports.
Seriously, WordStart will be word of mouth agency with a team of 20 - 30 - employees. We'll be profitable business that questions traditional rules and runs small nimble out of choice.
Do you kick start your day with coffee?
With ideas and coffee is usually one of them.
What are the coolest things about running your own business?
Working your own hours, usually over 12 at the moment
Deciding on your own targets and working toward them, with you and only you to blame.
Learning. Learning. Learning from amazing people all the time.
If you could name your own planet what would you call it?
Moverse ( team raises eyebrows!!)
Message for the youth of the world?
Question everything.
WordStart is being incubated by the Branson Centre For Entrepreneurship, which was started by Richard Branson and the Virgin Group Of Companies.
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