Annette Kinnear: The tale of a career twist

Though the career of Annette Kinnear at first glance might seem complicated it isn’t entirely the case. Her career is rather fitting to the complicated world in which we live in. 
It takes a lot of imagination to build a career forward and with the ever-evolving planet we call Earth, one needs substance to match that imagination - Annette has heaps of both.  
Born and raised in Germany, Annette ventured to England to pursue a better knowledge of the English language after her high schooling. This venture led her to a career in headhunting experts in precision – commonly known as, engineers  Finding and recruiting the world’s most talented engineers for top companies allowed her to expand her own career. And as life changes and things evolve so do career decisions and so Annette then found herself settling in the warm climate of South Africa.

Though initially complacent her career however seemed destined for more and twenty years of recruitment specialisation saw her building a career equation that could help others better their paths in the workplace. “When I was 25 I joined a recruitment consultancy and for over 20 years focused on headhunting and placing engineers.  As I moved into management positions I became interested in human motivation and inspirational leadership,” says Annette.
 This new found revelation required Annette partake in something that most wouldn't dare do so she penned her own manuscript, explaining sets of ideas, concepts and decision making processes in her first publication aptly called Your Career Your Life. The book showcased a structured yet free flowing understanding of how life and careers are interconnected. When working with Engineers who are robust in their thinking along with the unsteadiness of the world you can imagination how the combination to help formulate this manuscript’s equation was developed.  
Her next venture was naturally destined to be in the field of recruitment, however she side-stepped that and strived to create her first fictional novel. A crime thriller of sorts written in German, the novel has a background theme of believe it not, horses. This was a definite step into an original career change.  
Annette Motivates, “Writing non-fiction is a lot easier, so it is a brilliant foundation for learning about structuring a book, making it accessible to the reader and you learn huge amounts about editing and polishing, because with books less is more but writing less is much harder than writing more.”
By viewing her books as full-time projects, Annette illustrated that writing isn't just a dream-like ambition but a reality which can be achieved. Her passion for horses motivated such a twist in her writing style that she is now pursuing her next project - another non-fictional work.
However this time it will be based on the theme of headhunting, a project that definitely shouldn't be side-stepped. The concept of an Engineer riding a horse however will probably not be a theme used in this next book nevertheless, stranger things have been written about before!
Annette Kinnear’s message for the youth of the Planet: “Everyone says it, but it’s really true and I speak from personal experience: you can achieve anything you set your mind on. It’s not about talent, it’s about your priorities.”
You can find out more about Annette Kinnear and her latest books on her official website!
Annette Tweets here: @annettekinnear