Jonathan Harding: Kicking off a career in journalism

"There are thousands of ways to describe sport but it is the manner in which you choose to do so that defines you as a writer. That is a challenge I love." - journalist Jonathan Harding
Where on the planet are you currently located? Munich, Germany
You are a sports journalist, how did you go about pursuing this career route and was it always an aspiration of yours? Well it’s certainly been an odd one that’s for sure. I studied German at University and having worked hard to produce a lot of articles for a variety of websites, my public profile picked up a bit of pace. Having recognised that I might be able to make something more of my passion, I applied for a sports translation and marketing job in Munich and since that time, I’ve worked equally hard both inside and outside of that job to further my name in the industry. I have always loved sport but it took a while before I realised I might be able to make a career of it. ( say's cool stuff!)

What are the challenges of being a sports journalist? I think the sheer number of people wanting to do the same thing. The chances of becoming a leading sports journalist are roughly a million to one and that’s not really surprising all things considered. The age we live in means more people are blogging and using Social Media to promote their work, but also that watching sport has become even more accessible than ever. It makes the number of applicants for jobs higher than ever as well. It’s a tough nut to crack and even though I am delighted to be where I am, I still have a long way to go before I get to where I want to be.  
What have been the exciting and not so exciting moments of your career? I still enjoy the buzz of every game to be honest. Being able to mould words to describe the things I see in front of me makes me very happy. There are thousands of ways to describe sport but it is the manner in which you choose to do so that defines you as a writer. That is a challenge I love. The weather sometimes makes the job testing but ultimately, being a sports journalist is fantastic. I am in no position to complain. ( says respect - You can see Jonathan doing a football report in the snow here!)
What is the future of sports journalism with the rise of the information age? Online content appears to be the way forward, if not already. Newspapers still play a big role for me because there is something immortal about having the written word physically in your hand but the future seems to lie with the Internet and what the next new craze will be. Also, even though sporting videos have become more accessible, I do firmly believe that people will still yearn to be told a story and so the word, on whichever format, will always be in demand.
Do you start your day with a cup of coffee? No, I don’t drink coffee. It’s normally tea or some water.
If you could name your own planet what would it be? Tricky one that. David Attenborough deserves to be recognised for his work about the planet we currently live on so maybe he should have a say.
Words of advice for the youth of the planet? I think a few would probably still consider me to be part of that youth! “Work hard and stay humble” has been my mantra and it’s all I can say really. Even if that hard work doesn’t pay off in the way you think, the product of your work is a reward in itself. As for the humble part, well I think that speaks for itself.
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