Quirin Steinbacher: The physics behind a career

"...I have always been interested in the laws of nature and finding out how things really work." - Quirin Steinbacher
Where on the planet are you currently located? Munich, Germany.
Tell us about your career and why exactly did you pursue a study path in Physics? I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, so I am just at the beginning of my career. Mathematics and physics had always been my favourite subjects during school. I was able to actively study physics in the last two years of my secondary school, it was an intensive course with a very motivating teacher. However I have always been interested in the laws of nature and finding out how things really work. (The FirstStep.me team takes notes!)

What are the various career or employment industries that are popular choices for physicists to be working in? There are plenty of employment opportunities for a physicist. I think it is clear that a popular choice would be to go into research or to pursue an academic career of sorts. As physicists are known for their good analytic thinking - they can be found in a various number of industries.
Do you spend much time working in a lab and conducting experiments, or is that a stereotype? No, as I became more interested in theoretical physics therefore I am rarely in the lab. My studies however requires a few courses where laboratorial work is required.
Any crazy or funny happenings during your career so far? I remember one experiment in which I made vanilla ice cream using liquid nitrogen, it was the best ice cream I have ever tasted! (FirstStep.me says nice one!)
What are your future plans and what progressions do you see in the science industry? I am about to continue my studies in a masters program - specialising in theoretical particle physics. I want to learn as much as possible in this field and will see where this will lead me too. In terms of the second question, there are plenty of problems facing humankind both presently and in the future. For example the supply of energy for the worlds ever growing population - which (along with other specialists) physicists are currently working on to solve. Nevertheless there are a tremendous number of problems in the theory of physics itself, which will lead to further investigations and hopefully solutions.
Is becoming a Physicist a popular career choice for young individuals? It is difficult to say so, primarily because it affords a lot of hard work and interest in the subject. Still it seems to me as if it has become more popular of late. Although I don't know the reason - I would guess, that the public interest in physic related topics has increased and that job offers at present are very good.  
If you could name your own planet what would you call it? No idea... (FirstStep.me says that actually makes sense!)
Words of advice for the youth of the planet? Also I have no idea how to exactly answer this one. However for those of you who are thinking about studying physics, I would say that it sure did change the way in which I see the world!