Vaughn Fouche': The magical business of turning cupcakes into soap

"You need to be the person that does something different, something that will grab attention." Vaughn Fouche' - founder of #CupbOom
Where on the planet are you currently located? I live in Richards Bay in South Africa!
Tell us about your career and your business projects? I have had a roller-coaster of a "career" so far, still being a full-time student. I started my first business ("Neverland Parties") in Grade 6; an exclusive party planning business that offered the best quality, service and covered a niche in the market for kids magic shows. By the end of my first operational year, I had turned 60 000 ZAR as a sixth grader.

I grew this business through my high school career and it brought me incredible experiences, life lessons and connections in the business world. It allowed me to leverage my assets to both re-invest into my business to stimulate its growth and still allow me to support myself financially.
After matriculating, I decided to venture into another of my passions: the world of Hospitality. I enrolled at The International Hotel School to complete my 3 year Management Diploma. The journey has thus far seen me working in some of South Africa's best kitchens and hotels. This is where I discovered my passion for pastry and the the art of piping, which led to my latest business venture called #CupbOom - Vaughn's Cupcakery ™. ( says awesome!)
The business produces luxury, 2-in-1 bubble bath and body scrub cupcakes. The popularity of the product was such that we have applied for both trademark and patent rights!
My main project for 2014 is my book titled "Teentrepreneur” which I am very excited about.
What has been the challenges and successes of running your business? Entering into a market as a 12 year old was a difficult challenge. Often NO one takes a "kid" seriously in the business world, but through persistence and professionalism, I definitely feel as if I conquered that challenge head-on.
Would you recommend this career path to anyone else and why? Yes of course, business has brought some of the most amazing opportunities and experiences to my life! However it is something you must have a never ending passion and a source of energy for - otherwise you should not even consider it!
In today's global economic climate what do you need to do to manage your business well? You need to be diverse and innovative. You need to be the person that does something different, something that will grab attention.
What have been the highlights? With my book project "Teentrepreneur", I wrote to Donald Trump (one of my biggest role models) with a request for him to write the foreword for my book. After emailing every single one of his offices from Hawaii to Canada - I received a reply stating that Mr. Trump would be more than glad to read my manuscript and put together a piece for me. So 2014 is going to be a very interesting year...( takes notes!)
How do you kick start your day? I never have the need to kick-start my day, as I almost never stop working. Even in the middle of the night if I can't sleep or if a good idea comes to mind I would begin jotting down ideas to follow-up on the next day.
If you could name your own planet, what would you call it? Fouche'ville.
Message for the youth of the planet? If you want to be somebody. If you want to go somewhere. You better wake up and pay attention.
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