Stephenie Meyer

The Author of the Twilight Saga tells us about her road to success and how one dream sparked a whole new career adventure!

“Being a writer rocks…its like living in an imaginary world!”

As success of her third novel Eclipse makes waves around the world, the life of Stephenie Meyer seems so chilled and not hectic at all. With three books that have been on the New York Times Bestsellers list, Meyer is extremely down to earth and is taking her new found fame in her stride. “I write purely for the sheer enjoyment of it and that’s what makes things easy.”

Her success as a writer started off with a dream about a vampire which led to her first book Twilight. A cocktail of teen romance, werewolves and vampires, the book’s triumph was globally significant and spurred on its sequels New Moon and Eclipse.  With a further two more books still to be released, Stephenie states “To be honest, initially I didn’t think anyone would like it…” ( says: Come on…a book about vampires and werewolves what’s not to like!)

Brought up in Phoenix, Arizona, Meyer read for a degree in English literature at Brigham Young University in Utah, with ambitions to becoming a lawyer, her chance calling as an author has now made her a household name. Emphasizing the importance of being knowledgeable, Stephenie encourages young individuals to pursue a higher education, “Definitely go to College, high school is miserable…college is where you find out who you really are.” Her advice for young authors stems from being able make sure you read as much as you can, “Reading is an education in itself…”, and aim to create a book that people will want to read over and over again.

For someone who literally dreamed up success, Stephenie is still a full time mom, who says “My kids are awesome…they make my job so easy!” It’s extremely inspiring to hear her thoughts of keeping her life as real as possible and lets her imaginary world of writing create another dimension of fantasy for readers all around the world. With movie spin offs and the release of the next few editions of the Twilight Series on its way, Stephanie Meyer’s road to success still has many adventures to come and we wait with great anticipation to see what the next chapter in this journey will be…

Quick Questions with Stephenie Meyer:

1. One word that best describes you: “Insane!”

2. If you were a superhero who would you be: “One of the X-Men, but Batman is pretty cool as well.” ( notes: Good choice!)

3. If you weren’t an author you would be a Mom.

4. Favourite City: “Phoenix, Seattle and now London”

5. Favourite Country: “Spain but England edging closer…”

6. Favourite Food: “anything with cheese on it...” ( says: Nice One!)

Message to young South African’s: “Don’t sell yourself short, believe in your own possibility…”

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