Terese Alstin founder of NO SIR

"...it is all about prioritizing your resources and making smart choices." - Terese Alstin founder of NO-SIR

Recognised globally as a design pioneer,  Malmö based Terese Alstin is pushing forward a new dynamic in the design industry, with her latest venture NO-SIR.

Tell us more about why you studied Industrial Design and how your career developed from this field of study? I studied Industrial Design because it is a very creative profession, focused on problem solving and making life better. 

In the final year of my studies I did a joint master's thesis with Anna Haupt, where we developed the concept of an airbag for cyclists called Hövding. This became our full time commitment, spending the following ten years developing a product that most people thought was impossible, raising +150 million EUR in venture capital and building a successful company.

Last winter we both decided to leave the company and I decided to start a new venture. Something that really motivates me, allowing me to keep growing, make decisions and provide the freedom to speak my mind.

Explain the idea behind NO-SIR and what are your future plans with the project? NO-SIR is a commercial platform and design brand showcasing “Kickass” Female Designers in the field of interior design.

NO SIR is my contribution to provide more equality and diversity in the design business.

Creating a market place with originality is a good approach to bigger online platforms like Amazon and eBay, what are the challenges associated with this? You have to stand out and be very consistent in every decision. You have to pay attention to details.

I wanted a graphic profile that is as bold as the name, with high energy and a sense of humour that uses a lot of colour. The font used and partly redesigned for the logotype is created by Freda Sack, one of the few recognised women in the extremely male dominated world of typography.

I have made a decision that this time around I will stay away from venture capital. Letting the business grow organically at a pace that I can handle financially on my own. That’s a challenge of course, but it is all about prioritizing your resources and making smart choices.

You have been driving globally recognised businesses from the get-go of your career, what is the equation to your success? You have to be passionate about your business. If you have a mission and something important to say, that will make you go the extra mile and fight to make it happen. You have to have a failure is not an option mindset.

What challenges and lessons in business have you faced? My own personal experience of how tough it can be to make it as a female in a male dominated business makes this initiative very close to my heart.

How do you kick start your day? With lots of coffee. I am not exactly a morning person.

Highlights and funny moments? The highlights of my job is meeting inspiring, creative and like minded people who want to change the world and make an imprint by creating things. Doing business is all about relationships.

If you could name your own planet what would you call it? Perhaps, Norma Pomme, after my daughter.

Advice for the youth of the planet? Believe that you can do anything, and you will.

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