Take a look inside the Deutsche Börse Group - image courtesy of the Deutsche Börse Group -  Main left: Lara Atkinson. Top row from left:  Christian Hoops, Ryan Finn, Lin Xu. Bottom row from left: Markus Stoker, Mélanie Moos, Peeyush Arora. Main right: Agathe Glatz.

Take a look inside the Deutsche Börse Group - image courtesy of the Deutsche Börse Group -  Main left: Lara Atkinson. Top row from left:  Christian Hoops, Ryan Finn, Lin Xu. Bottom row from left: Markus Stoker, Mélanie Moos, Peeyush Arora. Main right: Agathe Glatz.

Highlights of individual experiences of working at one of the world's leading stock exchanges!

Lara Atkinson

When Lara Atkinson started as a student assistant in the Deutsche Börse Media Relations Team, she used to write posts like this one. Now, she works as PR & Content Manager for STOXX Ltd, our index provider based in Zurich. Through her work, Lara is travelling a lot and is connected to colleagues all over the world. In doing so, she likes to check twice which time zone her counterpart is in. Among ther things, she loves the immediate visibility of success in her work, e.g. when an interview or article is published. “Deutsche Börse has become a piece of home,” says Lara. “Here I have developed my skills and met many great people.”

Mélanie Moos

Mélanie Moos is on the fast track. She took over at the helm of Clearstream’s Lending Operations in Luxemburg at the age of 25. “My age was not a problem. I was able to adapt quickly because I joined a well-structured and motivated team,” says Mélanie. Together with her colleagues she manages securities lending and collateral management for the international central securities depository (ICSD) of Deutsche Börse Group. “For us no one day is like another.” Besides her work Mélanie really likes sports. She used to play Basketball in Belgium’s second division and has finished marathons.

Agathe Glatz

Variety and new challenges – two important factors for Agathe Glatz. Three years ago she started as a student assistant in the Relationship Management of our subsidiary Clearstream and even spent four month in England during that time. After her bachelor’s degree she is now supporting our German customers in the same department. “I really like the range of possibilities offered at Deutsche Börse. With all the widespread tasks and departments, everyone can find something interesting and it never gets boring,” she says.

Markus Stoker

Markus enjoyed his internship with us so much, he started working for the Event Department within Group Communications right after his bachelor’s degree. To make sure he doesn’t get bored, he was part of various projects from day one, for example helping to organize the German Equity Forum. Since then, Markus has been involved with many service providers, customers and colleagues from various different departments. “Every day is challenging and exciting”, he says. We are sure it’ll stay that way.

Take a look inside the Deutsche Börse Group - inside the
Take a look inside the "Cube" - Deutsche Börse Group headquarters. Image source/courtesy Deutsche Börse Group

Lin Xu

This is Lin Xu. Coming originally from China, she loves to travel around Europe with her colleagues and friends. Besides this, she is currently doing her MBA and works as student assistant in the Clearing Initiatives team with us. She was very impressed by her first day of work, which included a tour of our headquarters “The Cube” and a comprehensive training regarding all the business sections of Deutsche Börse. “This helped me a lot to better understand my tasks”, she says.

Christian Hoops

After work you often meet Christian Hoops with his camera – always looking for new street art. During the day he pursues his interest for capital markets and securities trading law. As a lawyer working for Deutsche Börse Group Legal & Regulatory Affairs, he provides legal advice for different specialist departments, which often includes working through the comprehensive rulebooks of the group companies. “Being constantly in contact with my colleagues, both from the legal department and from other business areas makes my work at Deutsche Börse Group so exciting and diversified”, Christian says. In addition to his job he is currently working on his doctoral thesis.

Peeyush Arora

"I am currently working on the most challenging task of my work life so far,” says Peeyush Arora. Peeyush is originally from India and does a master’s degree in Business Informatics in Heidelberg. In addition to his studies, he is a student assistant at Deutsche Börse's Energy IT department. Since January, Peeyush also writes his master thesis within the company and currently works on a project on software development. "I'm very excited about the results", he says.

Ryan Finn

From Manhattan to “Main-hattan” meant a bit of a culture clash for Ryan Finn, an intern working in an OTC IRS Clearing Project at Deutsche Börse Group. “Working here doesn’t compare to working in the US, even though the Frankfurters refer to their home as ‘Main-hattan’”, says Ryan who originally comes from a city close to New York. In his leisure time, Ryan loves to play golf, goes to baseball games or volunteers at an animal shelter. What he likes most about working at Deutsche Börse? “I appreciate Deutsche Börse as worldwide employer – full of interesting people, projects and opportunities to grow.”

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