Sureshnie Govender

FirstStep speak's to 5FM's SURESHNIE GOVENDER and asks her about her path to becoming a DJ.
1. You must get this a lot, but we have to start with the cliché, why become a Radio DJ? Was it an ambition or did you just stumble upon it as a career?
I've always been fascinating with questioning the status quo, so journalism was the route I was keen to follow. I then discovered that journalism was multifaceted and I ventured into Broadcast Journalism, which entailed Radio.  Once I started in news, current affairs, and then hosting chart shows and lunchtime, I realized that I finally found a niche that brought my passion for radio to life.

Stephan Potgieter

From a young age this 23 year old has had a strong attraction to the media and the manner in which it was sustained in South Africa. So after studying a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Production Management, this Joburg lad entered the hectic world of radio. Becoming the University Of Johannesburg’s station manager for their onsite campus radio which is known as UJFM.

Kate Evans

So you are the editor of the HIP2B2 Magazine, how did it all happen?
Chance and fate. No, seriously, education and creative writing have always been areas of interest for me. My CV happened to land on the desk of Atoll Media when a new magazine project was in the pipeline – until then I had been working as a freelance proofreader slash ‘editor.’ The big man there was interested in a newpaper project I had just completed. After looking over that, I was given the opportunity to put together some ideas for Mark Shuttleworth about how I would go about creating a magazine that made science, maths and technology fun. I jumped at the chance… and the rest is history.

Warren Cunningham

Football is the biggest game in the world and not many people make it big in such a tough industry! One South African who is breaking the mould and giving it his best is Warren Cunningham. At twenty-five years of age, Cunningham has played in England, The USA and here in South Africa.

What does your job entail and how did it all come about?
I work in the marketing and publicity department at Penguin Books.  As the deputy marketing manager, I am responsible for planning and implementing marketing campaigns. I fell in love with books from an early age and was lucky enough to combine my passion for marketing with my love for reading when I first joined Penguin Books as a marketing assistant.