A digital technology revolution with Professor Barry Dwolatzky *Images reproduced with the permission of Brainstorm magazine, photographed by Karolina Komendera

“There is definitely a need to bring younger people into the industry across all regions." - Professor Barry Dwolatzky
The world is becoming an energised planet laced with technological developments. Not quite ‘The Jetsons’ but technology is here to stay and grow forever.
It is an embracing of this concept that Barry Dwolatzky (the professor of Software Engineering at Wits University and Director of the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) at Wits), is asking the world’s youth to understand. In a fast paced world where everything is at our fingertips is important for us to now use technology to create opportunity rather than demand it.

Katlego Phatlane – the pursuit of a creative career

“We always talk about the industry and how we would make a difference.” - Katlego Phatlane, Design Student
South African Katlego Phatlane, talks about a pursuing a career in the design industry, a love for juice and a determination to push his abilities!
Tell us about your studying towards a career in Design? I was initially studying towards Architecture. However my Art teacher in grade 12 recommended I pursue Visual Communication ahead of Civil design. From that suggestion I grew to fall in love with this particular career path.

Paul Murray – the camera, the pencil and the wilderness

“My choices are easy for me to make, I have it all around me. It is called life, beauty and nature.” – Paul Murray photographer and artist
South African Paul Murray talks about his transition of photography to freehand drawing. With a mission to showcase the beauty of endangered wildlife, he has had close encounters with a Silverback Gorilla, Bull Elephants and bolts of Lightening – a career adventure that is both wild and creative!

Jeanette Ohlsson Carlborg – saving the planet one tree at a time *photo credit - Anna Wallin (www.annawallin.com)

“…it is all about listening to my heart first and working with what I believe will make a positive change for the future.” - Jeanette Ohlsson Carlborg Founder and CEO of plant4future
Based in Malmö, Sweden, Jeanette Ohlsson Carlborg discusses how adapting her career can create an environmental change.
Tell us more about plant4future? plant4future is an organisation (NGO) with the goal to help save the future for future generations. By planting trees and spreading eco-friendly concepts, we hope to achieve this goal. We have also created Bracelets of Hope which help identify and represent a contribution to the project.

Simon Wright – The enterprise of design

"It wasn’t much fun, lots of late nights and working all weekend but it paid off." - Simon Wright, Master artisan and personal jeweller. 
Interview conducted by Maximilian Höck for FirstStep.me
The pulse of any enterprise is always critical to its growth. Turning an idea, into a business and then into a brand will always combine hard work with dynamic thinking. In the world of custom jewellery design this business flow is actually what the business is. Taking an idea and creating it into a product of individual beauty. A challenge of balancing creativity and commerce – a challenge that Simon Wright has successfully undertaken as the pulse of his business.