Adam Carr is suiting up for a dirty day

“In this business we are running projects all the time and each project needs that extra bit of attention." - Adam Carr
Adam Carr
A feature interview
– Psychology’s loss and Construction’s gain!
Everyday workforces worldwide gear up for different tasks and challenges. Some suit-up wearing the world’s slickest threads - dressed for success. Others do the same but for the safety of their job. And then there are the ones who just get the job done.

Vaughn Fouche': The magical business of turning cupcakes into soap

"You need to be the person that does something different, something that will grab attention." Vaughn Fouche' - founder of #CupbOom
Where on the planet are you currently located? I live in Richards Bay in South Africa!
Tell us about your career and your business projects? I have had a roller-coaster of a "career" so far, still being a full-time student. I started my first business ("Neverland Parties") in Grade 6; an exclusive party planning business that offered the best quality, service and covered a niche in the market for kids magic shows. By the end of my first operational year, I had turned 60 000 ZAR as a sixth grader.

Paul Souders grimacing as Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) sits nearby along salmon spawning stream Image courtesy of Paul Souders - Copyright Paul Souders©

- and close encounters with a Polar Bear or two…
Photographer Paul Souders has encountered some extraordinary adventures in his life. Everything from being slapped by penguins, head-butted by walrus, and bobbing around in a leaky rubber boat getting closer to a polar bear than is perhaps advisable. He insists that he has the best job on earth .

Peter Sacchet: the business quest for global technology solutions

“Work on your passion, don’t repeat your mistakes, and learn something new every day...” – Peter Sacchet of groupXS Solutions

Peter Sacchet is the Founder of groupXS Solutions – a young vibrant company that has powered some lively technology solutions – their first being focused on the education sector! Their reach has quickly grown with an understanding that for every need lies a technology solution!

John Edmund Tanner Brunskill – A pilot built for the world

“A university degree or college diploma is not the only route to a successful career... - Different careers require different approaches,” - John Edmund Tanner Brunskill
By Yashivan Govender
Being a Pilot is the dream career of many and the ambition of the brave. With speeds that make some stomachs churn and eyes light up – it is a career that is more of an adventure than a job. I have met John Edmund Tanner Brunskill (aptly shortened to “Jet”) a few times and his mentioning that he is a pilot has led to multiple discussions about his career. So when I finally lined up an interview with him and he fittingly arrives at our meeting rendezvous in central Munich on a Ducati. Blaring away and revving the engine on his bike, you can imagine a constant need for speed in his blood.