Joe Kumar Gross: A creative approach to a traditional business

The world of business is a marvellous atmosphere – it is fast paced and full of challenges but it is an environment that keeps the planet's economies in check. The ribbon that ties business together and threads the loops into a single packaged product is marketing. Establishing, placing and promoting a product or system that a business offers needs to create not just an overall representation, but a ‘buy-in’ as well.
“It is not an easy process and nor should it be…it is (marketing a brand) a challenge that needs to be carefully executed but in a creative manner,” says Joe Kumar Gross the Head of Group Market Management for Allianz SE.

Quirin Steinbacher: The physics behind a career

"...I have always been interested in the laws of nature and finding out how things really work." - Quirin Steinbacher
Where on the planet are you currently located? Munich, Germany.
Tell us about your career and why exactly did you pursue a study path in Physics? I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, so I am just at the beginning of my career. Mathematics and physics had always been my favourite subjects during school. I was able to actively study physics in the last two years of my secondary school, it was an intensive course with a very motivating teacher. However I have always been interested in the laws of nature and finding out how things really work. (The team takes notes!)

Shai Reshef: Educating a planet and championing a needed solution

"...bringing millions of people to one website to receive an education of their choice.” - Shai Reshef (founder of the University of the People)
By Yashivan Govender
In a planet where problems are a many and a shortage of solutions  it is difficult to imagine the grinding to a halt of the world as we know it and the sparking of a new direction…
10:30am – after juggling my phone connection I manage to get in touch with Shai Reshef, he is in New York and I am in Bavaria. The time difference is six hours - in my favour! Perhaps waking up early is an ingredient to solving the planet’s problems. But perhaps it is one of many ingredients I soon find myself thinking.

Before Stardom comes hard work - the rock star quest with Gary Thomas

The business of managing a band or an entertainment career of sorts has never been easy. Even solo artists and performers are becoming brands of their own – the combination of creativity with business knowledge has become a vital mix to any young person entering into this sector. Be it from an acting, music, dancing - whatever the entertainment stage maybe – an all round acumen is needed early on when building a career in this industry.
The team spoke with Cape Town based musician Gary Thomas about the challenges and skills that are needed to becoming a full time performance artist.  

Jean-Pierre Koenig: Collaborating a career

"...discipline, hard work and self-belief in order to “conquer” it." - Jean-Pierre Koenig         
Where on the planet are you currently located ? Durban, South Africa.
You are about to qualify as a Chiropractor, how did you go about pursuing this career and was it always an aspiration of yours? My high school counselor once said to me that the best professionals are always those who have started their university careers with a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA). The reasons for this are two-fold. Firstly, by studying a BA one has the freedom to choose from an array of subjects – be it Shakespearean literature to Statistics, Psychology to the Performing Arts hence broadening ones mind and allowing one to grow intellectually and in maturity. Secondly, the 3 year BA program provides one with time to look deep within one-self and realize which career path one would like to follow.