"Business journalism and business writing are like this – once you prove yourself, you will always be in demand" - Iwona Tokc-Wilde
Where on the planet are you currently located? South coast of the UK, a 10-minute walk from a seven-mile-long sandy beach actually. 

You are a freelance journalist, how did you go about pursuing this career?  I come from a financial and business consultancy background, and have built up my freelance writing business (journalism and copy-writing) starting from that base, gaining experience and contacts with editors and publications 'on the job'. This – rather than doing a journalism degree - is not uncommon among freelance journalists. Many people can write but not everyone will have relevant insight or sector experience. As I write on business and finance topics, my background and industry knowledge are in some respects more valuable than my writing skills. (FirstStep.me takes notes!)

Margaret Harris: Career plans of a Journalist

"Follow your passion. If you really love something, find a way to make it into your career." - journalist Margaret Harris
Where on the planet are you currently located? Johannesburg, South Africa.
Your career as a journalist has been an awesome one, how did it all come together? I did a Bachelor of Journalism, with Honours, at Rhodes University. I specialised in video and film production and my first proper job after graduating was as a production assistant with a small video production company. However, I found that it was not as much fun as I had hoped and moved to a financial newspaper as a sub-editor. Sub-editors check all the stories before they go to print, making sure that the grammar and spelling are correct and that the story makes sense, they also check whether the story is factually correct and write the eye-catching headlines that make people want to read the story. I worked as a sub-editor, writing the odd story, for about 10 years before moving to writing about five years ago. I have found that my years as a sub-editor, also called a copy editor, have helped me in my writing.  

Sihle Shabangu: The right approach to business

"I wasn't really deterred, it was just a matter of going back to the drawing board and trying a different approach." - Sihle Shabangu founder of BeatUnit
Where on the planet are you currently located? Durban, South Africa
You have founded a music start-up called BeatUnit which has already gained recognition, tell us more?  We are launching BeatUnit very soon, BeatUnit is a C2C, eCommerce start- up that is aimed at connecting people with technology that works. BeatUnit is matching music producers who need to be heard with artists looking for beats and instrumentals that they can implement to their own musical creations. Beat Unit is not only a music promotion platform for producers but an opportunity to be paid what’s due for their work. The service is long overdue in South Africa and we have received really positive feedback. Its quiet an exciting time. (FirstStep.me says awesome stuff!)

Jonathan Harding: Kicking off a career in journalism

"There are thousands of ways to describe sport but it is the manner in which you choose to do so that defines you as a writer. That is a challenge I love." - journalist Jonathan Harding
Where on the planet are you currently located? Munich, Germany
You are a sports journalist, how did you go about pursuing this career route and was it always an aspiration of yours? Well it’s certainly been an odd one that’s for sure. I studied German at University and having worked hard to produce a lot of articles for a variety of websites, my public profile picked up a bit of pace. Having recognised that I might be able to make something more of my passion, I applied for a sports translation and marketing job in Munich and since that time, I’ve worked equally hard both inside and outside of that job to further my name in the industry. I have always loved sport but it took a while before I realised I might be able to make a career of it. (FirstStep.me say's cool stuff!)

Nina Mapili: The journey of a career making a difference

"I understand personal empowerment to be the process of giving a person the ability, the power, to “take charge of their life” – to be able to responsibly and independently define and pursue their personal vision." - Nina Mapili founder of Journey 2 Excellence (J2Ex)
Where on the planet are you currently located? I started this list of questions in Madagascar, continued in South Africa, and finished in Germany (where I live).
Your career has seen you travel the planet and currently you head up a project called the Journey to Excellence, tell us more? I began working with entrepreneurs, businesses, organisations, and individuals in southern Africa in 1997 as a consultant to SAFRI, the Southern Africa Initiative of German Business, a German B2B initiative. The Journey to Excellence (J2Ex) program grew out of this engagement, along with additional factors such as my experience as the Course Director of Germany’s first international English language Masters program. I also have degrees in architecture from the US and Germany, and am a believer in lifelong learning.