The exploratory life and musical composition of Julian Gamisch

"The best place is to start with yourself and be able to trust your vision of what you want people to hear and feel from the music you have created” - Julian Gamisch
A first glance at Julian Gamisch immediately presents one with a youthful energy that is befitting to his wild eyes and expressions. Intelligent and only 22, he comes across as more worldly for that age. At the time of the interview he has just returned from a 24-day trip through Iceland, a country that has always fascinated him. He talks animatedly about his travels and his step into the “unknown”! However it is his current studies and career path that have got my attention ahead of the Icelandic adventure (which included a couch surfing stint after spending too much time sleeping in a tent attached to the back of a hired car.)

Greg Schneider: Challenging talent acquisition

“The challenge is ensuring you always getting the basics done, while following up on the exciting new leads.” - Greg Schneider
Where on the planet are you currently located? Cape Town, South Africa  
You have started a business model that offers rewards for the recruitment industry, tell us more? Prior to starting Hiring Bounty I was working at newly formed company, I had joined the business as their first employee and as we grew the business - a large portion of the recruitment fell to me. While I don't have a background in recruitment my experience both as a potential employer and employee highlighted to me that there was something fundamentally flawed with how traditional recruitment was being executed.  

Luke Dunwoody: Launching a career into the galaxy and beyond

"Keeping my options open has always been key for me - to understand what I was good at and what I wanted to do."- Luke Dunwoody
Where on the planet are you currently located? Portsmouth, UK.
What is your current job and how did you go about pursue such a career? I am a Project Manager for Astrium Satellites in the Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) department. I manage the team that puts the satellite together and then tests it to ensure it is working properly and won’t fail in space.  
I went to University in Birmingham where I studied Mechanical Engineering and Business Management. I was always good at maths and science at school and enjoyed business so I wanted a course that would keep all those options open. I am lucky to have found a job now where I can continue using all those skills. I joined Astirum in 2005 initially on their two-year graduate scheme where I worked in a number of departments around the company. This was a great experience as I had the chance to meet many people throughout the business. It was also an opportunity to learn what I did and didn't want from my career without being tied in for longer than a six month placement. Following the graduate scheme I joined AIT and haven't looked back.  

Annette Kinnear: The tale of a career twist

Though the career of Annette Kinnear at first glance might seem complicated it isn’t entirely the case. Her career is rather fitting to the complicated world in which we live in. 
It takes a lot of imagination to build a career forward and with the ever-evolving planet we call Earth, one needs substance to match that imagination - Annette has heaps of both.  
Born and raised in Germany, Annette ventured to England to pursue a better knowledge of the English language after her high schooling. This venture led her to a career in headhunting experts in precision – commonly known as, engineers  Finding and recruiting the world’s most talented engineers for top companies allowed her to expand her own career. And as life changes and things evolve so do career decisions and so Annette then found herself settling in the warm climate of South Africa.

Julia Anne Creamer: Combining business with adventure

"When we get a chance to see how others live, it is an opportunity to appreciate what we have in our own lives or is the provided push that we need for us to do more. It opens a whole new scope of opportunities and perhaps things we never imagined in a career."- Julia Anne Creamer (On African Soil).
Where are on the planet are you currently based? Well it’s sunny and hot here, the birds are chirping, and browsing somewhere outside from time to time, you’ll find a majestic Kudu, or a little steenbok or even the odd ostrich. My company is fittingly situated in the heart of South Africa’s Bushveld Biome at the gateway to big game country, and close to an International Airport. You will find all of this, and me, in the Limpopo Province of South Africa...( says the most descriptive introduction ever!)