Guy Mothersole: Building a strong career future

"A mentor of mine once said that trainers are more moral boosters than trainers, this can be the difference between success and failure...I love the experience of discovering new ideas and ways of life, I believe travelling allows you to truly see the world for what it is."-Guy Mothersole

From New Zealand to Mexico, we find out more the career of a fitness trainer and his recent trip to Mexico, this Kiwi lives life to the fullest!
Where are you currently based at the moment? I am currently in Wellington, New Zealand.

Jovan Bowles: The career turnover

“A system that looks easy in my eyes is a system that has had a lot of hard hours behind it to achieve that simplicity. For me simplicity means perfection.”-Jovan Bowles
The former professional rugby player, talks about his change of career paths from the physicality’s of rugby to the business of coffee.
Where are you currently located on the planet? Cape Town, South Africa, "The Mother City."

Roshan Perera: Calculating a demand through energy

"Sustainability must equal Profitability..."-Roshan Perera
A Kiwi with a background in Law and Business, and by pure chance, now finds himself building an energy business in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa. spoke with him about his career and finds out what lies ahead in the energy business.
Where are you currently located on the planet? Johannesburg, South Africa, originally from Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand.

Luis Emilio Lucchesi: A Heavy Metal journey of note

"Have fun. Sing your guts out with passion. Is this too cheesy? Maybe, but hey, there are more important things to hesitate about. You just got to have fun!"-Luis Emilio Lucchesi
An Argentine heavy metal singer, has carried a career forward for over ten years, spoke to the English/Spanish singing rocker about life on the big stage!

Daniel Weston: Investing in a career

"The level of self belief required to take the plunge in to a new business venture is awesome. No matter the outcome, generally people grow stronger from the experience. Overnight success stories generally take 10yrs to create!"-Daniel Weston
Finding one’s way in business and life is never easy, however this Australian has done so from an early age and proved that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. spoke to him about his career in trading and his life ambitions.