"It is a challenge, as the quality of education (in South Africa) is not improving and it is harder and harder to get admitted to Varsities. Those who make it need more support, as many drop  out of Varsity during their first year, as they are not prepared to face the challenges of the student life."-Valérie Hirsch
A FirstStep.me exclusive interview!
FirstStep.me have found two champions of South Africa’s underprivileged youth and asked them about South Africa’s future leaders and up-starts!

Susheila Moodley: creating substantial career opportunities through business

Owner of The Facilitation Workshop which is focussed on training individuals in the financial services sector (including the banking sector), gives us the low down of why she built up a company to help educate young individuals on a career in the banking sector.
Firstly what are the core functions of The Facilitation Workshop and why did you start the institution?
The Facilitation workshop is a specialist consultancy focussed at enabling organisations to meet their compliance requirements. We deliver this service to our clients through three platforms – Auditing; Training and Consulting. We are able to offer services across industries around the following pieces of legislation that are applicable to all organisations i.e. : Occupational Health and Safety; Skills Development and Employment Equity; Environmental Management and a series of others. In addition we have a niche market within the financial services sector and provide a series of learning programmes (full qualifications) as well as consulting and auditing services to the banking and financial services sector in terms of FAIS compliance. I have been involved in FAIS compliance since 2003/2004 when the Fais Act was first passed. Whilst the regulatory environment is intended to create a baseline level of competence it does create both opportunities and challenges. From a challenge perspective, the FAIS act has set minimum qualifications as a requirement for people currently employed in the sector as well as new people entering the sector. (FirstStep.me says: Awesome and hectic!)

Janine Daniel: Creating an online platform for First time parents

Where are you currently located on the planet: Darrenwood, Cresta, Jhb, South Africa, Earth (FirstStep.me ponders could there be a Darrenwood on Saturn!)
What is your business called and what does it do? My business is called Tum2Mom www.tum2mom.co.za. It is an online resource for parents. It provides accurate, up-to-date information for parents and grandparents. The website has four primary aims, to inform, to explain tricky medical jargon, to provide access to experts and allow interaction with other moms.

Mongezi Mtati: how a German rock band inspired his company

You started a company called WordStart and one of the igniting factors was the story of you looking for rock concert tickets?
The company had already started, yet in its very early stages. When we heard Rammstein was coming to S.A, with their tickets sold-out and no one willing to sell theirs. So, we thought starting conversations around ourselves through noticeable activities will get us closer to the tickets.

Dusan Babich: The Magic of starting a business

" I’ve always wanted to make an impact on the world..."
Where are you currently located on the planet: Johannesburg, South Africa
What is your business called and what does it do? Device Magic – we offer a software as a service platform allowing organizations of all sizes to quickly and cheaply build data gathering applications for iPhone, BlackBerry and soon Android devices. Find out more at devicemagic.com!