Istanbul: where Europe meets Asia - Image Credit BilbyandBear ©

Istanbul: where Europe meets Asia - Image Credit BilbyandBear ©
As Ranked by BilbyandBear
Destination: Istanbul, Turkey
Interesting website for the city: and
Is it easy to navigate around? Its a large sprawling city, so you'll need to rely on public transport. Unfortunately they are not well linked, so it is not too easy. However, some sights are clustered together which makes it not too bad. 0
Hostels and Hotels (few, many, tons): Tons, especially in the tourist area around the Blue Mosque. 2
Best part of the city? Its tourist attractions are fantastic. But perhaps nothing can beat the vibe on the main shopping street, Istiklal Street.
Interesting Fact: This city boasts to be where Europe meets Asia. It might sound over the top, but you do believe it when you are there, such a diverse array of faces and cultures.

Is it a good travel destination for young adventures? Yes, it is an exotic place that will excite your senses. 2
Local university or college: There are a few – two of the oldest are...
Istanbul University ( and Istanbul Technical University (
Climate: It has a Mediterranean climate, so it should be good for visiting most of the year.
Would you live there forever? As a city it would be great for expats. However you might want to keep in mind some of its political developments in case they concern you...
Any funny experiences whilst you were there? A trip to the ice-cream vendor. They make it a habit to play tricks on you as they serve you your ice cream on its cone.  You'll be laughing so hard you won't notice how much it cost you!
Points: 4 out of 6
Rating out of ten: 6.7 There are a number of tourist sites to visit that live up to their hype. It just needs to be a more accessible city, with better transport options. travel  and gap year/year out ranking criteria –
2 points for yes
0 points for no
Max points 6
1. Is the destination easy to navigate around? Yes or No
2. Hostels and Hotels (few, many, tons): 0.5, 1 and 2 points respectively
3. Is it a good travel destination for young adventures? Yes or No