The Magic of Tenerife

As ranked by the producers of the Breaking Stereotypes documentary series
Destination: Tenerife, Spain
The Magic of Tenerife - The Cardboard Surfer at La Marea Surfschool, Mount Teide and volcanic sea sand - image credit
Interesting website for the island: and
Is it easy to navigate around? Yes, and being able to read or converse in Spanish will make things even easier. 2
Hostels and Hotels (few, many, tons): Tons! 2
Best part of the city? There are a number of tourist sites and set-ups - with Mount Teide headlining as the biggest attraction however its the black volcanic beach sands that are just magic!

Interesting Fact: Tenerife is the largest island in the cluster that make up the Canary Islands.
Local University? Universidad de La Laguna
Any interesting business or enterprise happenings? Tenerife is one the best examples of an island that is built on the hospitality/tourism industry. Two business set-ups caught my attention, firstly Restaurante La Finca - - produces world-class cuisine, it is a combination of good food, good business and a good location. The next set-up which I thought was enterprising was La Marea Surfschool - if old school business was based on the concept of location, location, location - well they have cornered the market.  
Is it a good travel destination for young adventures? Yes, lots to do and see, there are adventures to be found on and around the island at all times. 2
Climate: A tropical environment which is generally warm.
Would you live there forever? Actually yes!
Any funny experiences whilst you were there? I found that English wasn't getting me very far and my Spanish is almost non existent, however I noticed German nationals getting positive feedback as many individuals on the island speak Deutsch.
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Points: 6 out of 6
Rating out of ten: 10 travel  and gap year/year out ranking criteria –
2 points for yes
0 points for no
Max points 6
1. Is the destination easy to navigate around? Yes or No
2. Hostels and Hotels (few, many, tons): 0.5, 1 and 2 points respectively
3. Is it a good travel destination for young adventures? Yes or No