Madrid - strictly Spanish with a global essence - image copyright

Madrid - strictly Spanish with a global essence - image copyright

As ranked by the producers of the Breaking Stereotypes documentary series.

Destination: Madrid, Spain.

Interesting website for the city: or

Is it easy to navigate around the city: Yes - solid public transport system. 2pts

Hostels and Hotels (few, many, tons): Tons, it is a big hub for tourism and generates a lot of hospitality focus. 2pts

Best part of the city? The Palacio Real serves as a hub of interest, along with its surrounding palace gardens. Also, at the Campo del Moro and the Jardínes de Sabatini, one has the chance to capture the heartbeat of the city. There is undoubtedly a lot happening in Madrid, and its night-life is always abuzz and best started out with one of the many restaurants on offer within the hustle and bustle of the city.
Interesting Fact: Well, a rather known fact at that, is that it is home to Real Madrid Club de Fútbol and therefore it regularly enjoys a massive international (tourist/supporter) migration to their home ground Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, find out more here -

Local Universities: There are a quite a few in Madrid - here are a few that caught our attention such as
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid -
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid -
Universidad Complutense Madrid -
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)-

Business Schools: IE Business School -

Any interesting business or enterprise happenings? Check out the Madrid Startup House -

Is it a good travel destination for young adventures? Absolutely, a must for any young traveller. 2pts

Climate: It has hot summers. Its winters are cold but manageable.

Would you live there forever? Yes, this city is full of possibilities.

Whilst there did you have any funny/awesome experiences? It was very interesting to see rugby being played at the Complutense University of Madrid: Very cool!

Points: 6 out of 6
Rating out of ten: 10 travel and gap year/year out ranking criteria –
2 points for yes
0 points for no
Max points 6
1. Is the destination easy to navigate around? Yes or No
2. Hostels and hotels (few, many, tons): 0.5, 1 and 2 points respectively
3. Is it a good travel destination for young adventures? Yes or No