Hamburg: Cultural Harbour city. Image credit and source: BreakingStereotypes.orgHamburg: Cultural Harbour city. Image credit and source:

As ranked by the producers of the Breaking Stereotypes Documentary series.

Destination: Hamburg, Germany.

Interesting website for the city: or

Is it easy to navigate around the city? Yes, it is well structured with easy to use train and subway connections.  2pts

Hotels and hostels: Tons, and all over the place... 2pts

Best part of the city: There is a lot happening in Hamburg but recently the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (Concert Hall) has become a central point of interest. With stunning views of the city and of course, the shows and events on offer, it presents a cultural centerpiece that is showcases some of the world’s best artistic talent.  Check out:

Interesting fact: Located on the river Elbe, Hamburg is a major port and is in fact the second largest city in Germany. It recently hosted the 2017 G20 Summit.

Hamburg: Cultural Harbour city. Image credit and source:
Hamburg: Cultural Harbour city. Image credit and source:

Local universities: There a mix of public and private universities in the city with the University of Hamburg deemed the largest.

Business schools: HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration

Any interesting business or enterprise happenings: Check out Hamburg Startups and NEXTMEDIA.HAMBURG

Is it a good place to travel for young travel adventurers? No questioning this with the popular spot Reeperbahn being a hotspot for tourists. There are a lot more non-touristy but interesting things about the city on offer, so further exploring is recommended. 2pts

Climate: Known to have some odd weather changes during a day – having 4 seasons in a day is likely!

While there did you have any funny/awesome experiences? Found a very cool restaurant called the Kartoffelkeller - they basically make potatoes taste awesome! Also visited the Redgallery which presents the fascinating decorative idea of having rare objects including Dinosaurs in your home as artwork!

Points: 6 out of 6
Rating out of ten: 10 travel and gap year/year out ranking criteria –
2 points for yes
0 points for no
Max points 6
1. Is the destination easy to navigate around? Yes or No
2. Hostels and hotels (few, many, tons): 0.5, 1 and 2 points respectively
3. Is it a good travel destination for young adventures? Yes or No