Björn Borg

Björn Borg is an international fashion underwear company.

The brand is recognized for high-quality products and creative and innovative design, influenced by the sporting heritage associated with the Björn Borg name.

The Björn Borg trademark in its present form was registered in the late 1980s and established in the Swedish fashion market in the first half of the 1990s. The Group has been developing the brand since 1997 on the basis of a license granting exclusive rights to manufacture, market and sell products under the Björn Borg name. In December 2006 the Group acquired the Björn Borg trademark and obtained exclusive global rights to its use for all categories of products and services.

Stellenbosch Rugby Academy

Provides career routes into the sporting code of Rugby as a player, coach, referee or game analyst.


Places an importance for students to find the correct career route with broad based study options.
Students must have a passion for rugby (player, coach, referee or game analyst) and be open to combine it with other (academic/skilled) courses.
We want to develop a generation of students into the market that have an advantage over other students.
A generation equipped with relevant qualifications plus sufficient practical experience.
Academic Support program:  Includes staff members as mentors for students, training sessions, contact sessions and attendance stats on our website (all weekly).

NJ MORE Field Guide College

NJ MORE Field Guide College

NJ MORE Field Guide College goal is to train professional Field Guides that love nature, believe in conservation and would like to embark a career in Ecotourism. And to give students an unforgettable, fun and adventurous experience.

6 months course FGASA level 1 course. It contains the FGASA syllabus and other modules on top like Trails Guide Back up, Tracks & Signs, Advanced Rifle Handling, Birding, Hosting and more - all provided by experts in their fields.

We have established a close relationship with the reserve management team / conservationists in the reserve which allows us to take part in game captures and other great learning activities in order to get an insight in “hands on” conservation work.

"SRA is not only a Rugby Academy – it is a world class rugby experience."

Stellenbosch Rugby Academy (SRA) - Gap Year

Stellenbosch Rugby Academy (SRA) - Gap Year

Starting from a basic two week programme to a year, SRA provides a Gap Year focussed on improving ones rugby skills as a player, coach, referee and analyst. Encouraged is the SRA academic component which provides a balanced Rugby Gap Year.
Rugby Gap Year breakdown:

    Rugby High Performance programme
    Rugby and Sport Coaching (or game analyst, referee)

Accommodation, meals and group Excursions

Objectives and Goals of the SRA Gap Year –

SRA is not only a Rugby Academy – it is a world class rugby experience. We inspire people and change their lives. Our holistic approach not only focuses on rugby, but rather on using rugby as a vehicle to help develop balanced, well-rounded young individuals who reach their full potential in life. It is for players or coaches that are passionate about rugby as a career.

Year Out Group
Social Media: Facebook and Twitter
Really important association that was according to it's website formed in 1998 to help facilitate gap year or year out programs. They also have a full list of the best and most reputable gap year agencies/groups around the planet. Really cool and extremely needed website, a must visit before any gap year adventure!

Projects Abroad
This is a really cool set-up, they have projects all around the world so people can gain valuable experience through volunteering and intern.

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Volunteer and internship programs that are located in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dublin, Shanghai, their pay off line is “work learn explore”- that sums up the perfect gap year!